Dirtbike adventure

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thakilla, May 27, 2009.

  1. Its a kinda long story if your high (which i am)

    i got on my dirbike today and rode up to a pretty cool hilltop with lots of trees around it kinda in a forrest. (i live in alabama so theres tons of places to ride here) anyways i got up to my spot and smoked a bowl or two. I was feelin nice and i turned my ipod on and played "like a river" by "sharks keep moving" Amazingly chill song. And i hopped back on my bike to ride. I rode a pretty good ways to a pretty big lake and i sat on a dock. I looked out across the water and it was so flat and still i wanted to walk on it so bad but i didnt cuz i knew i was high. Anyways i sat there lookin at the reflection of myself and the trees and clouds and sky. It was beautiful, i was thinkin this must be what heavens lakes look like haha well then i felt a big rush of happiness an i just wanted to yell out that i was high and i felt really friendly :) haha then i get back on my bike and im ridin a hella long way to get to this mountain so i could get to the top and see the view. On my way there i was on this winding county road and i look behind me as im turning onto another road and i see some other seniors from my rival school across town, they follow me and then pass me on a double line. ( haha i guess i was cruisin, just creepin along) and then i got to the end of that street where it turned into a gravel circle and they were parked so i pulled up got off my bike and talked to them for a little bit and they had 7 grams of some orange kush ( rare strain where i live) so they roll it up and offer to smoke me out. Well all goes chill and i peaced and rode up the moutain side which was difficult cuz i was really high so i make it to the top and stop my bike and look out at the fucking view, it was georgous. The trees like little needles and the sky was a dome of wonder with the lake that looked like a puddle of water. It was great. So i sat and looked out for about 30 mins and then i headed home. Got home, got a yoohoo :) and got on GC to tell my adventure, im still high ;) haha anyways i just thought id share my day with yall. Thanks for readin!
  2. Hahaha sounds mad chill man. Good story. It really does sound like a lil' bit of heaven.
  3. Holy shit thats awesome.
  4. That's awesome man, sounds like a really beautiful place. It's pretty cool that people from your rival school smoked you out too.
  5. Yea it was great. I loved it, thanks for readin that long ass thing. Haha

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