DIRT CHEEP Ebay Chinese LEDs - Good Bad Ugly ????

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  1. Anybody using these super cheap 50¢ a rated watt fixtures ?  IE 300 watt fixtures shipped for $150.
    Would like to hear if any of them work and for how long haha !
    Horror stories, good deals, praise all is welcome.  Pics are a plus.


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  2. My take on the pre-made china led lights is this: I never trust the chinese for their electrical/ soldering work. I mean some of the shit ive seen in basic lamp switches.. its horrific, a pure fire hazard. Im sure not all of their products are like this, but still.
    I much rather buy china leds and solder an array my self. I mean i got some osram golden dragon leds and some no brand china leds, they are just as bright, but i think they get a bit more hot. cost basically nothing though, so i will see how it plays out with my array.
    I have faith in chinese diodes, after all they are mass produced (most likely even in the same factories as lets say osram/phillips) with quite low failure rates 
    Any one ever try to open one of those led fixtures like the pic in OP's post? Like i said, the main concern in my eyes is the quality of component joining/ soldering.
  3. I got my 600 watt led fixture off ebay.  Works awesome. paid 226 dollars for it by the end of the auction.  It was not a buy it now.  It has 200, 3 watt diodes. UV, Red, Blue, Yellows and some whites.  The solders points looked fine. Only concern is the heat sinks.  If i was building it myself, the fins would be thicker and longer but it runs cool so no worries.
  4. Grass City has over paid Moderators standing at the servers day and night 24/7 ....365 days a year to keep these Chinese LED Spammers out ....I shit you not!   I you don't have the funds to grow perfecto weed, just wait for the spring sunshine or go cfl
  5. Well there is the quality of the other components as well cooling fans, wiring etc....
    Some chinese fixtures are pretty decent and i would like to see if anyone has any real world long term experiences with them.
    Any one ever try to open one of those led fixtures like the pic in OP's post? Like i said, the main concern in my eyes is the quality of component joining/ soldering.
    So how long have you run this ?  Does it produce the goods ?
  7. I been running it for a month now no problems and the plants are doing fine.  Has a 3 year warranty.  I have a electronics degree and it looked good to me when I looked inside.  I would build one myself, but it cost about the same and i don't have to do any work...
  8. I have ViparUSA-LED (from eBay) and I love them! I now have 3 of the 400w they produce great! Heavy duty, run cool... though I have herd bad things about the "nearly identical" looking light from a diff distributor on eBay
    and to the people who say chinese do bad work... sure they do! so do Americans; that sure doesn't mean everything made here or there sucks...
    good LED is just that regardless of who makes em!
    they will piss all over CFL and a will hold with hot lights!
    though just like growing auto plants, you can't ever change anyone's mind. what some knows is what they preach!
    there are many ways to reach the same end :bongin:
  10. So as much as I like anecdotal evidence I would love to see some pics from these grows.
    Anyone every post a grow show using these bottom end fixtures ?  
    People tell me they work but they are not putting up any proof here,
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    I have 2 300w from 2 different sellers  had them running for 2 months now paid a total of $250... Did fantastic in Veg. I did have 170w of 6500k cfls running at the same time
    Gotta be careful if you run them too close the plant will grow tight internodes  back them off till you get what you want...
    I flipped to flower a few weeks ago and added an 150w hps , hoping to get a little more penetration, the areas under the LEDs look more robust than the areas under the HPS.
    The truth will be in the bud development. 
    I have seen some of the supposedly american  made products and they  do seem to have better heatsinks but if the temps are controlled it really makes no difference.
    CFLs only last for a few grow cycles, dont cost that much less and run hotter which is important to me. 
    Like everything else electronic the Chinese will eventually figure it out and put the american companies out of business for the average grower just want to grow a litttle bud for him and his friends.
    Unfortunatly I am a noob so my results may not be up to par but I dont think it will be the lights fault
    here are some pics from a few days ago about 15 days from flip 
  12. I've got a few advice if you go for ebay leds.
    - Look for seller rating and feedback. (can't say it enough)
    -Go for the most recent tech.
    -Don't go the easy way by hitting the "buy it now" button. Play the ebay bid game and try wining with at least 30$ under the buy it now. It is worth it and lots of fun.
    -Don't be shy with wattage, you can't really overkill it with leds (3w at least can't talk for 5w).
    -Don't be fooled by so called american brand, they are made in china and they all come from the shengzen region (world capital of electronics)
    -Prepare for a need of side lighting. Like cfl they don't penetrate much. (scrog or sog might be a good way to cope with that)

    Last advice, it may not reach you're expectation in flowering but at least you will always have the best light for veg. Trust me they push plant to their limits. I have seen them outmatch metal halide easily.
  13. Well heres some advice from someone who has flowered over a dozen crops using LED:
    Price is a poor indicator of value.  
    Ask what there return rate is.  A discount light with a great warranty sucks when you have to return it 3 or 4 times during a grow.
    Lets face it you want to grow weed with these.  
    Ask the seller for test results of their product growing cannabis.  
    Ask to see how many revisions of their product were made by their R&D department trials.
    Ask to see the buds as almost any LED that is not green will veg your plants.
    Ignore stupid marketing crap like pretty lenses and fancy housings.  These things do not grow plants.
    Cheap lights are cheap because corners have been cut to make them sell at a low price.  
    Some manufacturers are deciding to sell directly to consumers by moving a sales team to the host countries ( VIPAR etc) that accounts for some cost savings.  Just remember that the previous loss of manufacturing jobs will be followed closely by the loss of retail jobs if this become a predominant pattern.  
    Don't blame me if you can't find a job 10 years from now.  Really glad you saved 10 bucks !
    You are better off with 1 $500 light that grows killer bud than 10 $100 lights that don't do crap or worse yet fail or burn your house down.
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    Whoever gave you that advice is spot on. Your light is one of your most important factors into growing your crop. Of course you have your nutes, temp, PH etc. But your yield and quality of your bud depend on the quality of your light. Me, I would wait however long it took to save money for a high quality LED. You can definitely grow a crop using low quality lights, but your yield will also be low quality. Especially those LED's from china; I've heard nothing but horror stories from those. 
    I have been researching LED's nonstop for weeks now. I rested on getting an 800w solar storm from california light works. This light = the king of all LED's. I have never seen a better LED than this light man. I was fortunate to come across one in perfect condition on craigslist for $700 ( normally around $1400 ) In no way am I affiliated with them as you can see in my other posts i've talked about my craigslist find along with questions. Again, I haven't grown with it yet and have no results of yield or anything else for that matter. Youtube videos and other peoples grow journals growing with the solar storm shed light on me. And seeing this in person made me a believer. From the sturdiness, to the minimal heat, the energy saved, the quietness, the light spectrums, the UVB light....everything is perfect. 
    I highly suggest that you look into one of these lights. If that means wait a month or two to save up then that's what you gotta do. I'll repeat, if you just wanna grow a little stash for yourself, go ahead with the cheap lights. But if you're looking to get the best out of your plants, go high quality. 
    californialightworks.com is the website you can check out all the specific facts about these lights. They also have a 400w and a 200w for cheaper if your looking for those wattage's. I suggest you search online though, maybe some hydro store for the cheapest price because ordering directly from the website is a lot more expensive. Cheers bro  :smoke:
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    I run 2 Mars 2 custom Area 51 Panels, they pull 600W each and are made by LG LED Solutions. They are based in China, and have great prices. Check my thread, I have been pulling 2-2.5ozs per plant in a 5x10 setup!! Quality of the panels are top notch, super heavy, and bright as any I have seen on the market.

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  16. dirt cheap + made in China = winning.
  17. seen a lot of mars 2 grow journals on hear and 420, seriously thinking of buying 1 myself :)
    cant seem to change the prices to gbp though :/

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