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    I am new to the forum and have an 710 Oil Boss oil rig with a 14.4mm male joint. I am looking for a non-worked a/c but i am open to anything. After looking around ive seen NOTHING like what i am describing in any price range.i have a direct inject sovergnty slider that works wounders for flowers. I hate adaptors as they look sloppy and cause play in the joint :(. If anyone could give me a tip or post a link it would be greatly appreciated.P.S Please dont bitch about me using my earl rig for flowers lol. If you still cant picture it its basically a regular ac with revirsed joints.


    This is close to what i have again i need a ash catcher for a male joint so i can have an flower/earl hybrid peice with a completely unique a/c

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  2. Just get the connector lol

    They're normally like $10 and ya they look ugly but ghetto rigging it is gunna look way shittier and probably cause stress to the joints not to mention it'll be damn near impossible to get it perfectly air tight.

    Better yet don't use an AC with your oil rig? Lol I wouldn't even consider it :confused:

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