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dipping buds in thc?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. is dipping bud possible or did my friend just get some haze or laced?
  2. Yes I would doubt this too, although it is still possible. I have honey hash oil which was made out of thc oil extracted from plants and then cut with the honey. The reason given to me for cutting this direct thc extract with honey was because if you smoked the oil straight, you would be supplied with a whopping headache and whole loupe of other undesired effects. Needless to say, the honey oil is plenty chronic and I also thoroughly enjoy the flavor. If he payed extra for this "dipped doobage" your only way of knowing would be to rely on the integrity of the person who told you it had been dipped. Otherwise, get a crop and make your own "dip". Then you could be the guy charging extra for dipped dank. I haven't heard of this method being done directly but is definitely something I have contemplated myself many times. In the meanwhile I just dip my nugs into the honey oil vial and smoke dipped nugs on an indvidual basis, since post-dipped nugs will be extra sticky and you risk losing some of that dip on the wall of your bag or storage container. Just my thought. Thanks.

  3. That's just like those stories you hear about some guy buying weed at the normal price and finding out it's laced with crack.....

    ..... nnobody with a brain would do that and not charge extra :D

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