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dipping a blunt in liquid hydrocodone?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by abilities, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. #1 abilities, Jan 20, 2009
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    so, ive smoked a blunt dipped in promethazine/codeine.. but has anybody tried dipping a blunt into liquid hydrocodone? ive read in some places that its useless to smoke and should only be dranken, and in others that they got fucked up from smoking it. anybody who has experience with this, info is appreciated..
  2. drink it then smoke :smoking:

    you'll definitely feel the effects more from drinking it.
  3. i know that i'll feel it if i drink it, but how would it go if i dipped a blunt in it..
  4. I don't know but why bother risking it?
  5. I have a friend that tried EXACTLY what you suggested, and he got sick and threw up. Alot.

    I would do a couple shots of it and smoke. Trust me, it takes only a few minutes and liquid is waaay better than the pills. I should know. My boyfriend got a script for cough syrup with that shit in it, and when his cough went away, he gave me some. I only drank like a shot and I was GONE. Dont waste it, it's not worth it.
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    damn, i was really set on doing it and hoping itd be good. guess ill just be drinking it.

    ...unless somebody else can tell me they had a good experience with it, of course. :)
  7. proven: smoking this shit is legit.

    got fucked up off a few pills of it but then toked a joint covered in it, it gets you fucked up, and putting it on a blunt is even better. it takes a while to dry, but i reccomend it to anyone, you dont get sick and puke. its better when youve been sippin on some for a while, too, after taking a few hydrocodone pills.
  8. ive done this but i mixed in a lil 151 proof rum (to help it light) and dipped buds in it and swore it got me fuccccked but i was already leaning pretty damn hard off of drinking it before so i dunno...
  9. thats what im sayin dood was already leanin so idk if it really did much for you bud. I would still just rather drink it then smoke for real because its gotta be losing some kind of effects by burning it. right? :confused:
  10. Sounds wicked tasty :smoking:
  11. yeah i mean even if i did feel it i felt it way harder off drinking it so id recommend just drinkin it cuz even if it does work its wasteful
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    Ive done this. a whole bottle of it. they were mini bottles but contained about 24ml of hydrocodone. then smoke 3 joints. i never felt so good in my life. the only thing i could think of that was the slightest bit of a "con" was the itchy nose.
  13. I would dip the actual bud and let it dry, and then roll a blunt with it.

    It will help get more inside the blunt, which means you will get more HC in the smoke. When you dip it on the outside you're pretty much wasting it.

  14. thats what i used to do, i had a homie that would roll em up and dip em, i showed him that technique, and he said it was like 10x better, gram blunt of some kush had us leanin like a mawfucka.
  15. haha I had a bottle of hydrocodone syrup 10mg/tsp, but sadly I let that shit go because I needed some green for some green lol.

    I saved a pill bottle's worth though and got fucked as shit on that.
  16. I'm gonna go ahead and come out and say that I'm addicted to LHC, but on the topic... I do this from time to time, I do it so much it's generally a waste for me to do it on my own, but for my friends wanting to experience a new high I do this for them. For first timers, I'd start off with a joint, this is a completely new high. Do too much and you'll be planted, dizzy, unable to move, and talk. Also for you first time, don't drink it alone or drink any form of alcohol while doing this, that will cause you to vomit. Just take a nice little nugget, and dab it in your codone and let it dry out for an hour or so then break it up, don't use a grinder tho and put it in your joint. The high you get will be out of this world, once it catches up to you, it's important not to sit down or lay down or close your eyes for too long, you'll end up falling asleep or getting really dizzy. Try to stand up and be active. If you do have to sit down, because LHC does cause drowsiness, when you decide to stand up, definitely take it nice and slow, getting up too fast will make you seem drunk and the room will feel like it's spinning. Make sure somebody is there to watch over you, it's a pretty serious mix and after you're going to crave more. Slowly work your way up if you're going to continue smoking it, but just know, your tolerance to it builds fast, in less than a month, I just started feeling high and no effects from the codone and so it's a waste for me now. I always much rather preferred just drinking it, you'll feel much better, my usual night if I'm at a party or just chilling out at my apt, I'll drink a shot, smoke a blunt or a couple bowls, nothing too much, then take another shot or 2 and you'll be set for the night, results will vary tho depending on your size, I'm a pretty small dude, I'm 5'6 140 and I drink some almost everyday if I have it that much since I don't have a perscript right now and I smoke everyday as well. So just be smart on how you go about doing it and take it serious, it can be the funnest time of your life or it'll cause you to be miserable. I wouldn't smoke it all that much, I've done it once in the past 3 months and that was Sunday night and I got the best high in a long time, but I tried yesterday and nothing... so just be smart. Don't waste your codone... that's like a sin, if you got any questions, feel free to hit me up. I've always got some knowledge to shed. L8z
  17. I did this last night and felt no negative effects. Best high ever. Intensified the CBD couchlock.
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