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  1. So, how many people here pack lips and what do yall pack, right now im packing a lipper of SKOAL apple.
  2. Currently dipping Skoal berry blend. I'm a smoker, but I used to chew as much as I smoked, and I like to take myself back to when I was in high school.
  3. :eek: ..I Think im too baked..what?!
  4. thats the shittiest lookin can of apple i have ever seen
    why the fuck is it brown

    i got some apple pouches right now

    buyin some cope straight tonight though that shit is good, not to mention the can is fuckin cool looking hah
  5. I was wondering that too after I posted it. It looks like its edited or someting. I've never seen "Apple Blend" before anyway, only sour apple. And that can is green.
  6. dude skoal stright has way more flavor than the cope does. I have wg pouches and those are awsome. peach is an awsome flavor and so is cope black but, that was discontuined.
  7. cope long chew a can every two days very bad habbit
  8. i got some skoal apple pouches at the moment

    prolly going to get a can of peach next, or berry(regular next time, only got the pouches for convienience this time)
  9. I really cant get into tobacco stuff.. Just not worth it since I juts about always have weed when I want it.. and why go for a measely buzz when you can get blazed??
  10. its not a measly buzz for me. a tobacco buzz can sit me down on my ass(i only dip sparingly so i can keep getting the buzz)

    plus these flavors taste so goddamn good :D
  11. i usually dip Skoal Wintergreen.. im in love with it haha. that or just Skoal Straight
  12. i got sooooo sick of wintergreen last summer haha. it was all i bought and now i just cannot stand it

    i HAVE to have some flavor with my dip. just tobacco isnt appetizing to me
  13. i hate a strong nicotine high, but ive smoked cigs for the past 2 years, up to about a pack a day, had a really bad experience the first time i tried dip like freshman year in HS, threw up all over the back of a bus, im doped up on smack right now, so idk if i made any sense fuc it, peace
  14. haha i have never done smack

    BUT i know what you mean. first time i tried dip i musta swallowed some cuz i got SOOOO sick, but i managed to get to a toilet to puke. i love tobacco buzzes

  15. yup same here, the first time i tried dip i threw up.. but havnt since. some kid just threw up on the bus about a week ago because of chew.. it smelled horrible i almost threw up just smelling it. not to mention he was right behind me, and me being the generous guy i am, i gave him a piece of paper to wipe it off his face... uhhh.. that smell still makes me queezy
  16. I've never tried dipping. Take it that its the drawing of the chew fluids through your teeth? ..Or something like that?
  17. hey tokinblue, pack a horseshoe of copenhagan snuff or kodiak ice and youll get buzzed off your ass. if you feel like your getting sick pull them out. also how come your dippin pouches? long cut blends cut your gums better so you get more nicotine.
  18. i like chips and dip but not that tobaccoo jumpoff.

    I'll dip chips all day like the chips didnt even know they were getting eaten
  19. man, fuckin SKoal berry blend here, and grizzly wintergreeen. i got both of em here but only dip every few days, or else its pointless cause of tolerancy, actually havent dipped in a while so i wil now lol

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