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  1. Get some, benodryl or anything with dephenhydramine.

    1. [Assuming its 50mg]Take six, wait 24 hours[if u OD first youll probably never get the same effects as getting your body used to its regular effects.
    2. Heres the gr8 part, your ODing of dephenhydramine without actually ODing, your giving your body more of an allergy medicine than it would ever need, but while doing this you cant lethally[virtually impossible]OD on dephydramine. Little confusing.
    3. Take 12-18 orally, i break them in half to feel the effects sooner, and then snort one for an instant rush, depending on how messed up and how fast u wanna get knocked out. then listen to music in teh dark its fucking amazing, or with the lights on everything looks and feels like a dream. You can convince urself its not, but i just let my mind wander. When u sleep itll be for a good while, ive slept for 16 hours str8 once on it. But youll have at least 2 or 3 long ass realistic dreams that u can completely remeber 100% perfectly.

    Read the effects on the liver, as long as u keep it to 3-4 times a month youll be fine, and drink a lotta water its like cotton mouth except 2X worse [only if u think about it, you can convince urself to forget about it]
    Its so weird but not uncomfortable, u have to try it for urself, see if its for you.
  2. I've done it a few times, diphen is also used as a sleeping pill and I had a shitload lying around for when I can't sleep so I looked 'em up on erowid. I love that site by the way. If you take 6 then 18 that works out to 1200mg, which is way more than I've ever done. My most was 550 parachuted and it was pretty entertaining. I smoked a few bong rips and kept seeing shit outtta the corner of my eye that wasn't there when I looked, and music fucking ruled.. Next time I grab a pack I plan to go a little further and see what happens. If I have to get up before noon the next day I don't like it though. I did it once (~400mg) and around 2 am I realised I worked at 8 am. Eight extra strength sleeping pills plus only 6 hrs of available sleeping time plus a 20 minute commute equals 2 near death experiences. I plan ahead a lot more now.

    EDIT sorry I didn't realise you said to take the first 6 the day before. Even taking 6 you will feel a little drunk and spaced out, but nothing crazy. I'm curious where you found out about taking some beforehand to prevent ODing. This pill can be fun if your smart, though I haven't done any other pharms yet so I can't really compare. I'm considering DXM though.
  3. ive done it twice.. i jsut took a bunch casue i was out of weed and bored.. firs time was good second time was allright / leaning on good side.. not something id do again cause i kno about DXM .. but ya if u cant get that its nto terrible and u do see shit out of corner of eye / great music
  4. grosssssss i stay away from those now, as well as tussin ewwww
  5. i figured out the prevention of ODing cause for some reason, i thought my depehnhydramine was 100mg so i only took six[600mg, very nice] but yes i felt a lil light headed and spaced out. I told my friend and the next day i took 14 and he took 16 cause hes done some narcs as well[but 1st time wit dephenhydramine], he passed right out and completely blanked, didnt even remember taking them, i on the other hand was lookin at optical illusions and such lol and listenin to music all night. He now, doesnt get any heavy effect off of them, i talked to two of my cousins and my uncle they did the same, takin mad pills 1st time and they tell me they can take 20 and just fall asleep nothin else, so i guess theres somthin in it that your body has to warm up to or something, but everyones different so...its up to you.

    edit: being high right now and zoning out, i think the reason is if you take a regular dose or even a little higher dose your first time your body will recognize it as dephenhydramine, rather than oding your first time and your body sayin oh shit i dont like this stuff, so the next time you take it your body will say oh shit its dephenhydramine its alright to let it go to work, and you get a full 14 pill effect.
  6. Sounds like it makes sense, I bought a pack cause of this thread, but it's 2 am and I left it in the car. I bought DXM too. I was in a small town pharmacy and there wasn't many options for pills, and I can't stand cough syrup so that's out, I ended up getting a bottle of 20 pills 15mg each. I'm about to hit up erowid to see what kinda doseage that would be. I finally found some weed and it's right fire. I got high and forgot whether 300 was enough! I'm not even sure what thread this is about anymroe! Bubblegum and Jager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FTW
  7. cvs yo , i got 200 capsules for i think $10 but i now take 20 at a time :/ but its maybe once a month, hendrix died from throwin up off of sleepion pills and suffocating and it would be mad embarrasing if i was on the local news dieing from an allergy medicine overdose, tahts seriously the main reason i rearely do it.

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