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  1. Hey guys. Thinking of doing some diphenhydramine tommorrow. I was wondering, how long does the 'trip' last? Is there any sort of hangover feeling? And also, do you struggle to stay awake throughout the whole thing?

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  2. High doses will give you hallucinations that you wont be able to tell between real and not real. Staying asleep might also prove somewhat difficult.
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    Well, I was a bit younger when I did it, but it lasted all night (6 hours) and when I managed to fall asleep (pass out...), the next day I was really spacey. Like I spent the day with friends, and I didn't remember it...had pictures and everything, but I couldn't recall it. Was back to normal the following day (48 hours after "trip"). I'm not sure if you would experience similar amnesia or not.

    Can't remember If I was struggling to stay awake, nor do I remember when I fell asleep.

    That night I ended up making a pipe and fighting off tiny lions that were trying to sabotage it. Lil bastards...

    Anyway, you will hallucinate rather intensly, maybe even get pretty paranoid about it. Just stay in a safe place, preferably with a sober sitter. My experience started with shadow movement in my peripheral vision (like spiders crawling around)...then it worked its way in to my field of vision (the lions..). I wasn't worried about whether it was real or not, I just when with the flow of the trip...it was surprisingly chill.

    Like I said, be safe, always. And your experience will definitely be different than mine, or anyone elses. Keep an open mind ;)

    LOL, just remembered a silly story about a buddies experience...he took a bunch and said he didn't feel shit about 1.5-2 hours into it, so he drove home...ended up running over another buddies mailbox and dragging it with him, under his car, all the way home. Fucking hilarious.
  4. Its not that fun for me. For you it might be, trips are always different, but essentally:

    I remember taking 12 pills of Dranamine which is 600mg, its not called Diphenhydramine but its the same thing and its cheaper cause you only take half the pills when compared to Benadyrll.
    What happened:

    Extreme cottonmouth- seriously this ruined the trip for me, find a way to get rid of it.
    Extreme Fatigue- Very hard for me to stay awake, but yes this makes the hallucinations like 50x more real, wayyy better than dxm
    Hallucinations- Pretty good ones, like i thought my hand was convlusing when i looked at it but when i touched it it wasn't moving..
    Detortion of time and reality- I think time moves faster? Can't remember but its pretty fun.

    What i suggest is to drink a cup of coffee and take something to cure cottonmouth, if there is one.
  5. just avoid it man, there is a reason we have an acetylcholine receptor
  6. Weird Weird shit will happen,just keep your cool

  7. A. 5-7 Hours.

    B. The worst hangover ever. For me, depression and lethargy and acheyness and itchiness lasted about a week.

    C. If you do it at night, don't lay down. You fall straight the fuck asleep.

    Benadryl is no fun.

    P.S: Don't remember that there isn't a floor.
  8. Why do people do this shit, it isn't even fun at all...
  9. I take a 125mg dose for the "lightshow" I don't trip because I don't like what I see on benadryl, but the high I like a lot.

    It's euphoric to me, it increases sexual pleasure, and it knocks you straight out

    when I lay in bed my vision gets fuzzy and I see flashing colors in the back of my vision. It also feels like some "thing" is comforting me, can't explain it
  10. Ok listen..

    I've taken diph on many seperate occasions and doses so I'm not just blowin steam out my ass...don't do it.

    You may enjoy a low dose the first time or to cause it does make you feel fucked up. But after a couple uses...the side effects over rule any "not soberness" it gives you.

    Expect to feel antsy..where you can't sit still and laying down has no comfortable possition.

    All I know is after the first couple times..when I took it again. All I kept asking was for it to stop. I was begging to be sober..

    Do what your gonna do though...join the fan club of "benadryl blows"
  11. yeah this is what happend to me when I took 275mg's, will never do that again.

    Now I stick with low doses for the relaxing and drowsy effect along with a mild loss of
    consciousness when laying down. I do it 3-7 times a month, never had a bad time except with the 275mg dose.

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