Discussion in 'General' started by kshoener1230, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else like dipping? or chewing?

    Griz straight or mint are solid!
    None of that Pussy Skoal shit. ha<Joe Dirt.
  2. peach skoal FTW doesn't burn your lip like most do.
  3. my friends all called it and made numerous words with ski on it.
    My friend called it dipski so we always said got a lipski with a dipski.
  4. ive packed a couple lips..grizzly was the strongest by far. i just dont get any enjoyment out of tobacco products. cigarrettes and dip leaves me feeling kinda shaky and sick for at least a few minutes after prob because i have no tolerance..aside from blunts and dutches i tend to leave the tobacco products alone.
  5. husky mint for the win
  6. grizz straight or mint ftw

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