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  1. how did it work back in the day? when you were growing up. how was it different from the time you were 12 and the time you were 18?

    my mama cooked dinner every dayyyy when i was young haha and we always ate together, was pretty cool. but then as i got older i just cooked hot pockets and went in my room and she only made stuff like once a week =P =[
  2. There was always two ways dinner was made in my home.

    The most usual is when my mother is home. She would always make a home cooked meal for the family, and the whole family would gather, eat, drink, and socialize.

    The second way, which usually happens when my mother is sick, working, or just not up to it, my father would take me and my little bro out to a restaurant. He's too lazy to cook. Not that he can't cook, he just doesn't want to bother usually. :laughing:
  3. My mom can cook eggs, spaghetti, and soup.

    My dad spends most of his time making bomb ass food for us, my brother used to be a stoner, so me and him make great tasting concoctions sometimes.
  4. My mom made dinner like once every 2 weeks+ so we just ate whatever we found and had quite a bit of snacks. Also we never ate at the table, we'd just get our food and go.
  5. i just remember being stoned as fuck at the table eating quietly with my head down the whole time trying not to look up hahahah
    of course i reeked of herb

    the daayyysss
  6. My mom cooked every week day until i was like 16 then my dad had to take over because she was working longer.

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