DinaFem White Widow 8 Weeks into Flower. When to chop???

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    Got this as a freebie from Attitude along with a G13 Purple Haze. Both feminized. Both currently in the tent. A little past 8 weeks into flower.

    Growing in 3 gallon bags. Black Kow soil. Using Fox Farm trio of nutes. 150 watts of HPS.

    White Widow was topped once and Purple Haze was left alone. Just flushed the White Widow last night, plan on letting the Purple Haze go about another month.

    White Widow is EXTREAMLY stinky lol Has about 2 more weeks before I chop.

    As you can tell, I've had my fair share of issues with this girl, but in the end I think I pulled through pretty good :)

    Well, onto the pics! Last one is of both the Purple Haze and White Widow. Purple Haze is on the left. Some pics have flash and some don't, I think its pretty easy to tell which do.


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  2. U did a grt job. Enjoy ur harvest!!
  3. What type of lights are you running?
  4. Running a FloraLux 150 watt
  5. Looking great dude, you will be very pleased with your smoke :)
  6. I just hope it weighs out lol
  7. By the looks of it the white widow looks like it might have a good 2-3 eighths on it, maybe a half, but it all depends on how you dry them too lol.
  8. Plant is about 2 feet tall and the buds seem nice and dense. I'm hoping for closer to an ounce by the way she looks to me. Half o bare minimum. Plus she still has about 2 weeks to go :)

    Every day that top bud starts leaning more and more. I find myself having to retie it every day lol
  9. Bump!! Keep the opinions coming!

    Whats everyone thinking as far as how long I have to go?
  10. id say the white widow is done. do you have a magnifying glass?
  11. Yea I've been checking the trichs daily. Pretty much all cloudy with some ambers here and there.
  12. Bump! Help me decide when to give her the chop!!!!
  13. cut her down!!
  14. I've been seriously debating it lol I was thinking about chopping in 10 days just to be 100% sure but the more I look at it the more I think it may be done...decisions decisions lol
  15. Today marks day 60...debating giving her the wack tonite before the lights come on...
  16. you got any pics?
  17. Are you flushing her?
  18. No new pics as of today, I'll snap some more tomorrow. Gave her a heavy flush exactly one week ago and has been getting no nutes just straight water since then.

    I've decided to let her go atleast another week after reading lots of ppl saying they let their WW's go atleast 10 weeks, sometimes 11.

    This is going to be a longggggg week+ lol
  19. Day 65 today. 9 1/2 weeks flowering. Gunna check the trichs when the lights turn on. If I see a decent amount of amber she's going in the dark for atleast 48 hours before I chop.

    Anyone else have experience with this strain? How long do you usually flower your WW's for?

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