DinaFem Original Amnesia Auto & Attitude seeds Purple Cheese first-Time Grow!

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  1. Ok so Im a long time lurker on GC. Finally got the guts to start my own grow, and figure I'd log everything here instead of writing it in my notebook daily like a caveman. They are Day 31 from sprout.
    Background Info:
    Viviosun 48" x 80" Tent
    Bosemere Coco (I don't recommend already)
    20% Perlite
    5 Gallon fabric pots
    6" Fan and carbon filter
    1 Oscilating fan
    Fox Farms Hydro Grow big
    Fox Farms Organic Big Bloom & Tiger bloom

    Temps: 77f- 84f
    RH Range: 35%-60%
    Ph Range: 5.7-6.1
    Current PPM: 400s-600s
    LST'd both plants successfully.

    With that being said both plants are/were having issues.
    `The purple cheese `had N deficiency from what people tell me. (lime green leaves, clawing tips, purple stemming although I think its in the genetics)
    The Original Amnesia has always had this "pattern" all over the leaves. To me it looks faintly like TMV, but everyone has told me its just N deficiency and I should flush both plants.
    I did so with 2x the size of the pots, half strength nutes (Big bloom grow big calmag).
    Added an additional gallon of 1/4 nute solution at the end.

    Next day: the clawing is gone on both plants. The pattern is still on the OA. not sure if this is genetics but the flush didnt seem to do much to it. The new growth has it and the leaves are also "spinning" or twisting in one direction.
    God I hope this isnt TMV...it hasnt affected my other plant so Im not sure if this is the issue.
    Pics will be posted below.

    Any help/Advice would be great especially if you've grown these two strains!!
    Thank You!
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  2. The Original Amnesia pattern

    Original Amnesia

    Purple cheese

    (Both pics prior to flush I did two days ago)

  3. Sorry these are AFTER the flush!! NO MORE CLAWING!

  4. Hey bud. I had that issue one time almost a spinning n twisting clawed purple turning from stem almost into rest of leaf . papery to the touch. It turned out to be pH issues n salt build up. I'll never use Roots Organic original mixed w FF nutes again. That "potting mix" is super hot! Atm 50 50 happy frog n Coco loco, a supplemental amount of peet , washed plAin Coco. Dash of dolomite lime n a healthy scoop of xtra perlite.. N boom. Best results from err "soilless" medium iv ever used the Fox farms base soils (big 5# bags I think. ) have most ALL OF WHAT U NEED IN THEM lightly follow the bug bloom tiger bloom. Bembe natural sugars n micro nutes. The 3 part dissolvable powder open ses
  5. I have ocean Forrest I wanted to start with coco tho.
    I flushed and it's still the same thing so I'm not sure what to do about that Amnesia plant
    I'm just letting it do its thing.

  6. Last night I raised my lights and super cropped the Purple cheese since it was getting way too tall for the tent.
    Today I needed up snapping it completely off by accident!!!

    I put a straw around it and sprayed with Rhiz the whole top looks completely wilted and almost dead :( I hope this works.... of not what's the worst case scenario I'm looking at??


  7. [​IMG]

    Is she done for??

  8. Ok so I Haven't updated in a while....
    Can anyone tell me why my (Original Amnesia) plant is pointing up towards the light? It's perfect height from the light so I'm wondering. Other than that she's happy.
    As for my Purple cheese plant the tips of the leaves are pointing up , not the whole leaf like the other plant but the tip of the ridges to the leaves only.
    Rh is from 32-55
    Temps stay from 77-84 max
    Thanks!! [​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. 1st and 3rd pic are the purple cheese
    Middle pic is The Original Amnesia

  10. Nice girls there, what hpnn next..

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