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    I actually just started smoking the beginning of this year, so I'm still new to this whole world. I've done some reading and will continue to do so. My seeds just arrived today. I ordered 3 Dinafem Blue Thai and received a bonus NL + Skunk and an OG Kush. I'll be growing them all the same way... in local woods just outside of my house. I'm a college student that works a lot so this is on a super tight budget. I already began germinating the seeds today by tossing the different strains in a shot glass of water. I also did a little scouting and need some input.
    I think this is my best spot so far. It's close to some trails, but is very secluded with heavy vegetation and trees surrounding the plot. It seems to get decent light in the center as well, although it was overcast today. The area i'm working with has a stream that flows nearby. Also a quick question, there is a lot of skunk cabbage growing around, is it smart to plant by them or stick to the plot pictured here?

  2. That spot doesnt look good to me. It has too much coverage overtop and doesnt look like it would get enough direct sunlight.
    Skunk cabbage is an ok sign, normally meaning you will not have to water much, as the ground is normally always damp/wet where that grows, almost like marshland.
    When scouting for a spot, your going to want a spot that gets 6+ hours of direct sunlight. The more direct you get, the better your end result will be. Morning sunlight, is better than late day sunlight.
    Most people try to choose open fields or on the edge of a field right in/against the treeline. Scout your area a little better, and look for a tree that was struck by lightning, or has more of an open canopy overhead. Dead trees work well also, as they give coverage, but its not in the wide open.
    Also, your soil: if your going to use native soil, you MUST add atleast perlite for aeration and drainage.
  3. I had a feeling someone would say that. And also realized that I need to focus on direct light exposure. There's many fields by me, just a farther hike, definitely worth it. I still have more research to do on soil and such. But I realize perlite and vermeculite are pretty important. 
    I've been traveling for work and haven't had time to tend to the grow or updating this, but I moved the seeds from germination to their seed tray. I left them in a cup of water for approx. 28 hours which was a bit long. Then since only one broke free from the shell, I kept them in a few layers of moist paper towel for two days. By then 4 of them had half inch long roots sprouted and one that just began. So I moved them to the seed tray with a seed start soil. My brother has been spraying them with water mist for the past week. Yesterday I discovered one has sprouted from the soil. I'll keep misting and exposing some direct light to them when I can. Trying to figure out how to get some indirect light, since it's a little less harsh.

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