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  1. It has been 12 days since I pushed my femmed Blue Hash seed into the soil, and seven days since she poked through. I'm a novice grower, but things are going very well.

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    I don't think I'll be using nutrients, just pH balanced water. I have had a small desk fan blowing on her since she came through the soil to help her grow thicker and stronger :D

    This is my current setup
    2012-08-07 08.44.02.jpg

    And this is how she looks today. Sorry the picture is rotated 90 degrees, I know it's annoying :smoke:
    2012-08-09 12.29.29.jpg
  3. This is 13 days after popping her into the soil
    2012-08-11 12.15.13.jpg

    and this here at this morning, AKA two weeks after i put her into the dirt.
    2012-08-12 19.07.47.jpg
  4. Hey what kind of soil are you using?
  5. I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I've heard good things, and so far I love it!

    This is my baby today, she is looking very healthy!
    2012-08-14 09.11.03.jpg
  6. Your going to have to use some kind of nutrients for her. Otherwise she may die :(.
  7. It has been 12 days since she first poked through the soil, when would be ideal to start adding nutes? I just ordered the FoxFarm Soil Trio (Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom) :D

    This is how she looks today
    2012-08-15 11.13.57.jpg
  8. Your normally fine to add nutes after 2 weeks. Be sure to use 1/4 strength at first and slowly build it up to full.
  9. Thanks for the advice, breh!

    This is Blue Hash yesterday
    2012-08-16 101.17.37.jpg

    And this is her today. I just installed my SCRoG screen :D She's also starting to smell lightly of cannabis
    2012-08-17 101.29.30.jpg

    EDIT: Can I rotate the pictures?

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  10. Looks great man! just make sure you watch it through the scrog too much stress could break her at this age.
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    I hope I didn't stress her too much by pinching off the leaves below the screen this morning (one pair of ~3" fan leaves and a few pairs of tiny leaves). FoxFarm nutes will be here Thursday :D

    2012-08-20 11.41.22.jpg
  12. Would it do any good to top off her soil? It sank down about an inch since I've been watering it :/
  13. yeah i always top my pots off, dont fill it to the rim though, once you water it it might overflow. just add a little so theres like.. a half inch? of no dirt
  14. I shall add soil in ze morning! I'm curious about what the little additional soil actually does though? I figure it will add some nutrients and help contain water a tad more, yes?

    Unfortunately she is in her dark cycle every night when I come home from work so it's always a nice morning surprise to see how she's grown in 24 hours!

    :smoke: Plum
  15. Ive got a dinafem blue hash sitting in the side of my grow room, i wasnt paying alot of attention to it but it out grew the solo cup faster than any other strain ive seen. Its got alot of purple and yellow goin on im excited about it for sure! Yours looks nice! Subd for sure
  16. The fox farm soil is full of earth worm casting and tons of organic nutrients for your plant. So it should be good for a while.
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    She is doing well this morning, but I notice a small burn spot on one of the leaves (visible in the picture). She also hasn't grown as much in the last day as she usually does, but I figure she's recovering from me plucking her foliage under the screen.

    2012-08-21 08.29.10.jpg

    Is it possible to change the title of this thread? I would like to make it "Dinafem Blue Hash PC SCRoG"

    :smoke: Plum
  18. Looking good and yes just go to the thread tools i think you can edit there.
  19. I put in a cheapo thermometer and it read 98 degrees?!? That can't be right, it feels cooler than that on my hand. Regardless, I took out the two 13w 2700k bulbs and am going to try vegging with just a 42w 6500k and a 23w 6500k for a while (that bring the temp down to 86-88 according to that thermometer).

    Also, how does one SCRoG? Do I tuck the North, South, East, and West fan leaves in their own square, or do I only tuck the central growth? As of now I do not have enough verticaln growth to start tucking, but I've stressed her a lot lately :/

    2012-08-22 12.50.53.jpg

    Hopefully the 26w of 2700k I subtracted isn't too much of a detriment and she should start going up again soon (nutes should get here today, hopefully that will help her out as well) :hello:

    :smoke: Plum
  20. She is doing very well today and appears to have grown a decent amount since yesterday morning :D I started her FF nute schedule today and have a small, battery operated fan on the way to help maintain a more reasonable temperature.

    2012-08-23 10.39.23.jpg

    :smoke: Plum

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