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  1. hey guys i was just listing to this ill song called Dramamine by Modest Mouse and i was wondering what it was about, so i looked it up and its about some otc anti nausea medicine that contains Dimenhydrinate. that when taken at high dosages will cause auditory and visual hallucinations, has any one taken this drug or experimented with it, is it safe to try just once? any info would be awesome!
  2. that song is the shit. just look up any other of the DPH threads on hdere and youll have everything you need
  3. Yes I have done it many of times. Hehe.... uhh its very interesting. I hallucinated some people and friends cars that wernt there and if I recall heard alot of shit. when you do ,have a sitter with you. It basicly turns you into a retard for a few hours. You get very delusional. You start to talk about somthing and in the middle of saying it, you forget about what you were talking about.

    Oh and your legs turn into jello when your on it,lol. When I first started doing it I would get a very uncombfortable feelings in my legs. It was like an itch and when I itched my leg I would then get a very strong urge to move my leg fast and it wouldnt stop. Doesnt sound uncombfortable but when it happens to you, its fucking anoying and horrible. But it doesnt happen anymore. Cant really explain it.

    Read about it on erowid : http://www.erowid.org/pharms/dimenhydrinate/dimenhydrinate.shtml

    I would recomed doing it just to expirement, but know what your doing and be smart about it. I had a bad expirence on it and freaked out alot of people.

    Have fun, hoped this helped:smoke:

    Oh and as for the song, that song is the shit! I love modest mouse!
  4. i have a perscription to Meclizine and i read online that it produces the same afects as it is an antihistimine as well. they are 25 mg tablets so if i eat say 16 pills that is about 400mg do you think that will fuck me up? some people said that it goes well with dxm!
  5. Well I dont know about Meclizin. It might be considered an antihistamine just like Dramamine but is not the same chemically there for it wont produce the same effects as Dramamine, Plus meclizin is supposed to be an alternative to dramamine cause it has less side effects, so no its not the same and I wouldnt take it to get high. Get dramamine, and as for mixing it with dxm,i dont know. I would guess it would be interesting but I would check up on it

    Look threw these expirences and see how these people reacted to the combo. - http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.cgi?S1=22&S2=17&C1=-1&Str=
  6. some one from hipforums told me that its known as dramamine as well, but if you say to get the dramamine i will get it, can i just find it at the local pharmacy

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