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  1. Hey,

    I just started taking an anti-depressant called Celexa for depression and anxiety 3 days ago. When I started taking them I made up my mind that I would not smoke for at least a while and see what the stuff does. But now I am thinking of picking up lol...For the next few days I will have a ton of time with the house to myself (I'm a college student home for summer) and I will be able to smoke a lot in my house (which is awesome).

    The funny thing is, do a google search for "celexa and marijuana" or similar terms, and you get such varying things! Literally you find people who have had major major problems from combining the two and then also people who can smoke while on them with no adverse reactions. I think it just depends on the person.

    I think I know the right answer to my dillema but I want to pick uppp haha

    Any advice/experiences?
  2. All you can do is try. If the combo fucks with you, then either drop the weed or try to get on a different SSRI
  3. you should def ween off the antidepressants. Believe it or not they are actually sent her from satan to rob you from yourself.

  4. really?

    and i have only been taking them for 3 days
  5. Well I was joking about the satan part but i took prozac and on the second week I didn't feel like myself. Very wierd and unnatural. Isuppose you can just shrug what I'm saying off because i've basically turned into a nature freak, All natural baby!

    Once you go for a healthy diet you're like what's depression? seriously bro it doesn't exist. Depression is a side effect of the fast food, industry etc american lifestyle. This is coming from someone with a long history of depression in my family. My grandma died from alcohol due to depression, my mother is due fora lifetime of xanax and paxil due to depression. And I do drugs....

    I just started this mainly vegetarian diet(still gonna eat meat, just goin to eat mostly raw fruits and veggies, nuts etc) yesterday and I can tell you I'm starting to forget what depression is.

    Good luck homeboy

  6. food has nothing to do with depression, i eat like a heatlh enthusiast mostly because my parents do Iron Men traitholons and they don't like anything other than Organic typically, but i'm still on welbutrin. I need a refill but the pills make me feel a little different i'd say.
  7. Don't take medical advice from this kid.

    Sure, SSRIs really fuck with some people, but they also help a whole lot of others. If your depression is to the point where you need meds to fix a chemical imbalance, then by all means fixing THAT should be of a much higher priority than smoking. Like I said earlier, give it a try, if it the two don't jive well then either drop the weed, or ask to be put on a different SSRI.
  8. Unfortunately for your little theory, depression has been around much longer than the fast food industry or the advent of the sedentary average American lifestyle. It's about chemical imbalances in the brain, and while eating healthy can help a great deal with making you feel better about yourself, it's not a magic cure for depression for all people.

    Please don't give out shitty advice when you don't know what you're talking about.
  9. yeah I mean obviously individual results may vary. I was just giving you my experience and was hoping it helped...obviously it didn't. Well good luck bro and do waht you gotta do.

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