Dillema at work

Discussion in 'General' started by FatJayz, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I'm sorry this is gonna be long and drawn out. i'll put a TL;DR below :) First I need to explain my work situation, its kind of confusing if not explained. I work for a small family run business. My boss owns 3 stores in a shopping center. a candle store (that's where I work) then directly adjacent is a fashion store, and across the shopping center is an ice cream parlor he owns. 1 person per shift in each store, we're basically on our own the entire day. I work 5 days a week, 9 to 7 in one store, the other has 3 people split up the entire week. One of the girls that works in the store next door was fired yesterday for "stealing from the cash register". Earlier in the day she came over to my store real quick to ask for change for 3 20's. I gave her 6 tens and she left. she's done this twice before. about 20 min later my bosses wife came in and asked me why she needed change, and I said I don't know. I assumed she was low tens but had plenty of 20's. after my bosses wife came in the girl from next door came in and asked if my bosses wife came in lol confusing. I said yea she came in and asked about the change incident. She said that my bosses wife looked angry that she was using her phone to bypass the stereo in the store to listen to her own music instead of the radio. she also had a run in with my bosses wife over her leaving the store too often to get things (car, bathroom). I can't imagine she was stealing anything, we were pretty cool because we worked 4 days a week together basically. my boss is really nice, but his wife is a hard ass. I sense fowl play. what y'all think?
    TL;DR: Bosses wife may have fired coworker over personal problems. not sure what to think. still shocked lol

  2. No clue what to do but good luck.

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