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  1. anyone here ever do dilaudid (hydromorphon)? i'm tripping so hard.sorry i just had to post and ask if anyones tried it. maybe the one and a half percs added to my experience. dont try this at home lmao
  2. drug store cowboy comes to mind

    isn't that shit extremely potent?
  3. You aren't tripping on an opiate. But if I could get some dilaudid I would be all over it. You are very lucky.
  4. actually the kind i got is the opiate because the prescription is from 2004 and in 2005 they changed the formula.
  5. I get some every time I pass a kidney stone. Excellent stuff. Last time I had it was with a couple of percs in the ER. I always tell them I'm still in pain so I can get anotherdose. Sometimes the nurses will just smile at me cause I'm sure they know what I'm up too.hehehehe:eek:
  6. dilaudid is some powerful stuff. yummy!
  7. i did that shit a couple days ago and i've done it a lot. Take 4 mg at once then after 2 hours pop another one its potent i thought i was dying but you'll be good.

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