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Digit has been transformed in a booze hound!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. :(

    no bud.

    lottsa beer tho.


    i think this is my 4th day in a row of getting a wee bit drunko.
  2. whats on tap?
  3. tnight its been Red MacGregor. A locally made bear... and its oh so tasty.
    i'm not the biggest bear drinker in the world and am really fussy about them... but Red MacGreggor is the Dogs Bollocks!

    luvly luvly stuff.
    @ about 5% its a dangerous substance because the taste is so good you'll just suck it back at lightnin speed.
  4. hahahaha.
    "bear" drinker. olollololololololol

    what a funny typo.

    anyweays,,, u knew what i meant. :p
  5. So i take it that the bud that your waiting for is not quite ready yet then Digit, man i memba when i quite weed for a couple of weeks i just got wankered off my nut on Booze instead like you, that buzz was 2 cheap 4 me, u'll b ok as soon as the Green comes, bk 2 normal :):D
  6. This is how booze effects me[​IMG] and with Mary Jane i feel [​IMG]
  7. heehee... i love those munkis.

    i have had to endure months without the herb... strange that only now i hit the drink.

    actually its not strange now that i think about it. its only now that quite bizzarly i have been sufferin more from my medi issues.

    EEEEEK! just remembered... i smoked tobacco last night! AAARGH! noooooo!
    what have i done!? :rolleyes:

  8. when I needed to stop toking, I ran right to the bottle. so hard I tripped over gravity and got a black eye from the handle of tequilla. I drives me nuts not toking after Ive been, for some reason, I drink a lot more. Ive had talks with my liver, and it doesnt appreciate it either, so much so it went in cahoots with the ol stomach and well, my food tube and throat didnt like what happened after that..

  9. hey it happens to the best of us..... If anyone says they haven't had a good ole close up drunken chat with the porclien throne there lying.....

    last time for me.......was when a liter of apple vodka got revenge on my stomach........ughhhhhhh...

  10. you better not feel the need to smoke more... if you do... well quit for the 100th time :)
  11. it was a one off. i just need to be stronger. i just need to remind myself that if i do smoke that crap i could loose my legs.

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