digi scale questions..

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, May 16, 2006.

  1. 1) where should i buy a scale?
    2) "why" should i be buying it?
  2. head shop/ebay

    to weigh stuff??? or maybe your gonna deal i dono arent you the one buying it haha why would you buy something that you dont know why you should hah if you dont need one dont waste your money
  3. 1) eBay.
    2) To weigh weed.
  4. i mean...if i was asked by someone, and i didn't want to tell them that i was weighing weed, what should i tell them? what's my excuse for having a digital scale?
  5. got it at a garrage sale cuz it was cool.. and cheap
  6. Just tell the lady at the desk you have pounds and pounds of purple you need to weigh out into dubs and half dubs. She might cut you a deal.

    just joshin', dont do that:wave:
  7. say you need it for cooking.
  8. for deiting to weigh out the foods so you can watch your girlish figure atleat that is what i say
  9. shipping stuff ;) it works great :)
  10. Say you slang acorns on ebay
  11. hahaah my bad i was wondering why it didnt really make sense lol

    uhh ya say you found it or just got it at a garage sale cuz it was cool lookin and you have always wondered how many grams your cell phone weighs lol
  12. 1) Ebay
    2) For weighing jewlery, and maybe it is your moms or something. Weighing for food is a good idea also - Omni
  13. say you need it for weighing mail. but seriously who gives a fuck, if someone asks you waht it's for just tell them to mind their own buisness. it's not illigel to own a scale.
  14. very true

    as a matter of fact unless they smoke themselves or there a cop the last thing on there mind is that your using it for weed most likely lol
  15. ebay dude...got a nice digital folding one for 20 bucks
  16. Oh, you can also use it to weigh your nut sack and say you're trying to determine your sperm count. No one's gonna argue with that.
  17. digital scales aren't illegal... no point in making up excuses

    honestly whens the last time you've been drilled for buying a bic and a pack of job 1.25s? never cuz its legal and none of the sellers fucking biz what you do with it upon sale
  18. next time i want that quarter pound eye-d out


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