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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ak47stein, May 22, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I have a G-Spot bong that i actually buy for this site and i just broke the down stem on it but i was wanting to buy a diffuser for it anyway. I just don't know where to buy one online, i have bene searching google for hours and no luck, i have a G-Spot bong and i dont know what size to buy, how thick it needs to be, please help!!!!
  2. sweet bong, i dont know where to buy a diffuser u should bring it to ur head shop or call up and ask the guys.

    Just wondering, does that bong have a carb or slide, i might have to buy it if its a slide.
  3. Why don't you MEASURE it to find out what size you need. I know it sounds crazy but... it's been proven to work.

    It'll be a bitch to find a good diffusor on-line. I would definetly go to a local headshop and they will almost for sure have one. If they don't, you should move because your town sucks donkey dick.
  4. its probly a 14mm downstem just order a 14mm roor diffuser there the best
  5. Go to your headshop.
  6. fuck i am stoned. i wanted to make a new thread... but i replied to this one instead.

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