Difficulty breathing on shrooms

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  1. I got like three dried shrooms from my friend's boyfriend for my birthday and I ended up doing them by myself. This was my first time; I made a tea and drank it. I had a very mild trip/body high and things were slightly moving(expanding and contrasting) in my vision. I was laying in my bed and felt some respiratory depression. I had to concentrate on if I was breathing or not. At one point I realized I hadn't breathed in a little while. It took great effort to breath and I could not seem to keep a rhythm. This lead to negative first experience. I've experienced something similar on DXM trips. Any of you guys ever had this happen on shrooms?
  2. on my very worst psychedelic experience (fourth time taking shrooms, about 10 years ago) i somehow arrived at the conviction that if i didn't focus on it 100% i would simply stop breathing and suffocate... pretty shitty feeling, that...
    i was so far gone that i had no trust whatsoever in my body continuing respiratory activity if i passed out or fell asleep... so i spent about 2 hours (felt waaaay longer) lying open-mouthed in my bed focusing on breathing, interrupted about 12 times by staggering out to vomit...
    the fact that i was in my final school year at a boarding school didn't make the situation any better, since i had to "sneak" past the head office each time to go puke...
    then a buddy of mine came into my room and took me outside for a smoke where we intesnely conversed for about 5 hours non-stop... the guy probably saved my life, well, my sanity at least:D
    i'd recommend staying away from substances which affect you in that manner,
    and also don't do it alone if it's your first time ;)
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    the exact same thing happened to me the first time I did shroooms, i also read about it on erowid.
    I had done my research so I knew I wasnt in danger but the shrooms were obviously more powerful then me so it still freaked me out.
    But that not to say it was a bad first experience but not a 'glowing experience' either. just a learning expericene.

    edit:Im pretty sure Its not that your having difficulty breathing its that your preception of time is shattered so it feels like forever since your last breath.
  4. That is how I felt but not that bad. I'm glad that I didn't take anymore shrooms than I did.
    This only happened to you once? I wonder if it will happen again the next time I do shrooms.
  5. ^ Lol ya thats it. I remember one time i was trippin with my friend and we seriously thought that an hour had gone by, we looked at the clock and it had been 3min. haha. We both died laughing.
  6. yup, just that one time... but i haven't had any urges to go take shrooms again after that time neither ;)
  7. Yea this has happened to me on shrooms before and I've noticed it almost always happens to me on high doses of LSD. I always get into this panic mode and worry if I'm breathing right and it feels like i'm not getting enough air.

    Usually it doesn't ruin the trip and I snap out of it but I'm also fairly sure its not all in my head, the drugs definitely affect my breathing somehow.
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    Lol, you need to relax and keep your mind occupied.
    I wouldn't have spent my first shroom trip laying on my bed, everything is magnified when you are on shrooms, so you start taking more notice to your breathing and heart if your really not focused on anything else...
    I would have been outside exploring and listening to boards of canada or something, but don't worry about it bro lol, your body will breath for you! It's controlled by the brain stem which regulates breathing, heart rate and other automatic functions. You might feel like you're forgetting to breathe, but that won't actually happen. Many people have described the same thing as you, but no one has actually died.
    Your perception on everything is different when tripping, I think that's all it is, then the higher level of consciousness to things causing paranoia, not actually respiratory depression.
    It's all in your mind, remind yourself that because I'm willing to bet you could do shrooms 1000's of times and not die, so get the most out of your trips instead of worrying about small things like if your involuntary functions are going to stop working, lol.
  9. I didn't have any breathing problems on 3.5 grams....matter of fact, I felt like I could run and run and run and run and run and run and run and......

    run and run and run and run....and
  10. this dudes right. I also spent my first trip indoors in my room, BAD IDEA, well I started the trip outside but shit got WILD so I thought id be more comfortable in my room.

    Mabye it will help you to know on the rest of my trips I spent the majority of the time outside and it has never happened again.:hello:
  11. I find that if you think about breathing patterns while on shrooms, you get obsessed and think you're not breathing and shit.


    Just keep it outta your mind.
  12. Lol. I was outside at first, looking at ants scurry around on the ground was interesting. Yea I definitely was paranoid and my perception of time was significantly altered.
    Paranoia = the trip killer
  13. lol. I always forget to breathe on shrooms or acid. I'm always having to ask my friends if I'm doing it right. It's funny. :smoke:
  14. Man I'm glad nothing bad happened. Shrroms for the 1st time can be rough. It probably helped that you did take them in a tea instead of eating them whole.

    To get to the question, the first time shrooms I had irregular breathing, but it wasn't look uncomfortable or anything. I just stopped myself and I was like "Woah, I have took in any air in like 10 seconds". It was kinda funny to me.
  15. last halloween i ate like 6 grams my second time doing shrooms and i had a mean seizure from that shit.
  16. damn sorry bro. I read a few reports like that on erowid. You got aim? I try to hear as many seizure reports as possible.
  17. Don't know if it happens anymore but shrooms always made me real lethargic...maaaad yawns n shit haha..yawning is amazing though haha

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