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Different ways to hit a bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Master Bator, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I've only been smoking for a little more than a year. But i smoke pretty much every day. Don't do bong hits every day though.

    I feel like im still trying to find a way to hit a bong that works best for me.

    I've tried lighting the bowl, inhaling at a steady rate and letting the smoke go up the chamber and into my lungs.

    The only problem with that is, once the smoke reaches my lungs (while i am still hitting the bong) It starts to get hot and uncomfortable and i usually can't end up clearing the bong once i pull the bowl.

    Any tips on how to do that better?

    My preferred method as of late, has been to pull slow to let all the smoke milk and then one its almost out of the chamber, into my mouth, i just pull the bowl and inhale hard. I find that way, i only have to take the pain for a second, while getting all the smoke.

    The only issue with that is. When i pull slow to milk it, the smoke starts to get yellow in the ashcatcher and i know its going to hurt and i always cough and feel like crap for 15 minutes after. (granted i am way fucking higher)

    I've been reading, and i think i'm pulling too slow, that is why it is yellow.

    any tips on how to hit bongs better. or share what way works best for you
  2. too much weed in there is my guess..
  3. Maybe the piece is too big for you. You should pull the bowl fast and hit it the way that doesnt make you feel like shit.
  4. Hit the bong through your nose that should help
  5. I like to pull at a steady rate and when it's in your lung usually some parts of the bong are yellow and that's good that means your getting a dank hit if its burning your lungs all you can do is upgrade to a perc bong and ice catchers are amazing for cool hits
  6. Why don't you just pull it before your lungs get hot... :confused:
  7. Beat me to it!
  8. try to avoid the smoke getting yellow at all costs lol. You could try and pack snaps so you dont lose any of the smoke
  9. All you need to do is don't pack the bowl as tight just put a little less and rip the bong fast if you hit it slow you get that gross yellowy milk that hurts and tastes like ass but yea just rip it faster then once you have it filled pull the slide out and clear it fast not super fast but faster than u filled it(I'm assuming your bong isn't much over a foot and a half?) If it is then don't fill it with smoke try to find how big of hits you can handle and don't fill it just start by ripping it for 2 secconds then clearing it and step it up if you need but anyways good luck hope this helped a little
  10. Smaller bowls + more water = success
  11. Also cold water helps a good amount and ice if you have notches or you could add snow if you have it but some people claim warm water is smoother but trial and error is the only way you will know what works for you
  12. I can rip a bong good for what i like. its effective. I just see my buddy pull like a gram bowl and i want to be able to do that. I realize now that its probably just "training" and you have to get your lungs used to taking large amounts of smoke
  13. When u brew it slowly it will always be yellow and harsh, just breath in like u would normaly, that will make the same amount if hit just way smoother and no yellow nasty harsh smoke, just don't pull to fast just breath normally, never pull slow,that just makes it harsh, corner ur bowls take small hits and youl get higher and not burn ur lungs, big hits are a waste anyways cuz ur burning up more ash and just making it more uncomfortable,harsh and unpleasant, use a screen, never pull through cuz ur just burning ash and making more smoke that won't get u high, pack small bowls or corner and breath normally, if u can make the water bubble a little fast and then hit it, u want the smoke to build up all the way quickly and you still being able to clear it- ur relying on the look more then the function,
  14. U can also use beeline and glowwands,glowwands help alot, pull like u would breath normaly, if anything a tiny tiny bit faster
  15. Hit it like a man.. That should help.. If it hurts don't smoke weed. I love the feeling of a huge bong rip and cough and feel dead for a few seconds, its amazing.
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    Easy 3-Step Solution

    1) Hire a butler.

    2) Have the butler take a MONSTER bong hit.

    3) Shotgun the hit from your butler.

    If the smoke was hot then the butler's lungs will cool down the smoke.

    Store your butler in a walk-in fridge for those ice cold hits!

    Problemo solved-o! :yummy:
  17. Lol who does that
  18. Use very cold water and put a lot of ice in. The chill I get is so refreshing. Lol when I exhale my jaw is trembling. Lol
  19. Well, many people don't know this, but the way your position yourself, determines how your lungs react to the harsh smoke.

    Firstly, you must assume a squatting position.

    It may be uncomfortable, I know, but you should only be there for a few seconds.

    Note: make sure you have your lighter already in hand, ready for use.

    Next, take your packed bong, and shove it up your ass.

    After you've managed to get it up there, all you have to do it breathe in, expanding your stomach and filling it with smoke, then exhale.

    Not only does this method rid you of the pain of the harsh smoke entering your lungs, but it delivers a wonderful sensation to your butt hole.

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