different types of xtc

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, May 2, 2006.

  1. i got these dub-stacked, white butterflies...anybody know if these are any good?
    also, if you could recommend any good shit to look out for...
  2. If u come across some kind of x called "Mac Dre's" or has the name in it, BUY THAT SHIT QUICK. I don't thizz, but I heard it's the best. Expecially purple Mac Dre's.
  3. know that "double stack" and "triple stack" are usually just bullshit to get you to pay more :smoke:
  4. right on, right on...what do they look like? somebody should put some pictures up on this shit...the only two i've heard about coming around here so far are mercedes and these white butterflies..(which, apparently, aren't that great)
  5. just google it man, im sure google will give u some pics of X

    they are just pills with cool imprints on em(such as a blue dolphin is a blue pill with a dolphin imprint on it)
  6. ya know? i thought so...i'm pretty new to ec...i don't know shit.
  7. Real shit should be only MDMA
    Double Stack, and what not is almost always BS.
    Colors and symbols just vary on the press.
  8. how much is pure MDMA? or, how much should it be/how much do you pay for it?

  9. Look em up:http://www.ecstasydata.org/
  10. this kid sucks...never buying from him again. i couldn't find them on there...at least, i don't think so...but i did see those mitsubishis i was talking about!!!
  11. why arent u going to buy from him again? pop the pill and THEN decide if its not good, not just by what you read

    for all you kno these pills are fucking incredible :smoke:
  12. that's a valid point. but, my friend took one earlier and said it was shitty. granted, he cut it in half and popped one half, and then waited a while and popped the other half...
    i'm probably just going to down it first thing tomorrow...it's too late now. i don't wanna be up all night..
  13. yeah, definately take it all at once. good luck, ahve fun, hope its amazing for you :smoke:
  14. didn't you make a post saying you've never thizzed before or am i just tripping? but no...triple and double stacks are a lot different from a single, some people prolly say lies to make more money but anyways...no.....

    !?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? true Triple Stack Blue Mac Dres gotta love them...but they prolly don't got them outta cali cuz mac dre is a yay area rapper who passed away about 2 years ago R.I.P. but yeah those are hitters

    k well i honestly don't like messing with white thizz just because a lot of people put bleach in it when it is made and that's the impression I get from white thizz but thats me I know pleanty of people who get white nikes and get pretty thizzed out, but pop it you'll have hella fun...
  15. personally like pillreports.org more
  16. reporting back:
    either fake or REAL shitty.
    felt like adderall.
    popped one this morning and just got real pumped and wanted to do shit.
    everything went away and i was just wide awake all day...
    crushed up one and split it between me and two other kids...snorted it...same thing happened. just didn't last as long. lame lame lame.
    the bright side:
    getting 2 free e-pills when the good stuff comes around...(turns out that this kid is a stand-up guy)
  17. Sounds like you got a good dose of caffeine and/or meth. It's cool that the kid is gonna hook you up for free next time though. Most people I know wouldn't do that.

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