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  1. Alright, so SWIM has been toking for a few months now and ever since transferring colleges he has found himself purchasing more and more weed. Now SWIM has his own three chamber grinder and a $5 onee. He was hoping to go and buy his first good piece sometime soon. Still being a newbie he is unsure what exactly he wants to buy. I know that SWIM does not like bowls very much, not to mention everyone has one. So he's looking for other tools or devices that he can smoke his weed stuff out of. 

    That being said, he's hoping to learn what the pros and cons of different pieces are. How to use them. How efficient they are. Stealthiness. Stories of use. And any other information. For example, would one be more inclined to purchase a bowl or a chillum? A bubbler or a bong? And why? How many different kinds of pieces are there? And what are other's favorites?
  2. You don't have to use SWIM here, we're suppose to be grown ups and it isn't facebook.
  3. Go with a nice glass bong, it will become your best buddy :)
    Or a bubbler if you smoke alone and need to hide/carry it. Pipes are also good, but don't cool down the smoke, which is a great thing about bongs. 
    Or just stick to joints. The nice thing about them is that you don't have to store them, clean them afterwards and hey are small and portable. 
  4. Right now due to availability and funds joints are off limits. Though it is my preferred way to smoke, they are not efficient and continuously burn too much weed stuff. I think vapes are a pain in the ass, and the onee is great....but as my only piece? It's just embarrassing. From the research I have been doing it looks like I may like a chillum. Although is there any real difference between a chillum and a pipe? Other than design of course. They smoke the same way as a onee, correct? Just with a bigger bowl?
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  6. It's a little bit easier to pack a spoon (pipe) bowl, every little piece of ash that ends up in the chillum chamber will go in your mouth, you can't really fit a normal sized screen in a chillum, it's harder to light your bowl with the chillum because you can't see it as you light, and weed will most likely fall out of the chillum. In my personal preference, it's spoon>chillum.

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  7. Bong man, I dont even need to explain myself. Just bong.
  8. Please stop with the SWIM stuff. That is so annoying.
    Bowl over chillum. Bong over bubbler. Because they hit better. You can google mmj smoking devices. GC has an entire catolouge of smoking devices. I don't know nor do i care what other's favorites are.
  9. What ever happened to SWIM?
  10. The OP paid attention to the second post in the thread.
  11. if you're new start with a nice, easy, cheap pipe (bowl). they are like $10-$20
  12. I'd say go buy yourself a nice color changing bowl. And don't clean it let the resin build up. After time you will grow to love it. I wish i still had my color changer
  13. Hahaha what is this the drugs forum man I'm all wet from all that swimming! I say your pet alligators play pal gets a nice bowl not too big not too small. I agree with the color changing variety!

  14. chillums are where it's at man, I've had more chillums than spoons over the years.  
    ,.,.,,,,easier to lose though....

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