Different strain, same age?

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    Ok so the left is the Original Amnesia auto, and the right is my Purple Cheese auto.
    Both are 54(ish) days give or take a day.

    Now, I know different strains grow differently but the PC seems to have went back into veg maybe? The branches are still growing and the buds aren't really putting on anymore weight. I can literally see a difference from one day to the next with the OA buds growth. but not the PC. The serrated tips have been pointing up and yesterday the whole leaf was drooping slightly. Now that went away after feeding (around 650 ppms) last night, but the tips are still pointing up. I've done almost everything I can to fix this but nothings working and I know since these are autos I don't have too much time left till harvest. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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