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Different kinds of bud....different kinds of highs???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. Hello all....

    I was wondering...

    whats are some of the differant bud highs??

    like ex.

    Northern Lights:


    like that?? It would be interesting to if you know..reply..

    thanks everyone

    and Smoke on!
  2. It all varies! You can go on websites & read about the physical properties of weed, but the types of highs, well it ven varies within a strain!

    For instance, Northern Lights always packs a big punch but sometimes it's silly high and sometimes it's tired high. Also Blue Dot can be the stoniest shit ever, but we just got a bag last week that we went through totally fast because it wasn't that stony!
    For now I'll describe the Northern Lights & the G-13 we have.

    Northern Lights: This bag we have is total creeper weed, like dude I'm not high are you? Then all of a sudden this subtle stone hits you. And it's not a heavy stone, like tired, but it is very powerful (like you can tell VERY much that you are stoned). As the effects wear off, for me I get tired.

    G-13: Very HEAVY immobile stone. As in, I am fuccckeed up and cannot function properly.
    I really don't like the taste of the G-13, I don't know why, but it's supastone.

    I'm curious to see how other people respond!
    BTW My opinions - Northern Lights & White Widow are very reliable strains, Romulan is also a VERY STONEY strain but I don't think it crosses too well (IMHO, the smoke is too harsh on my lungs).
    If you hear about Blue Dot(only once out of *MANY* times was it just "pretty good") and ESPECIALLY Alaskan Thunderfuck just KNOW it will get you ripped & buy it, even if it costs an extra $5 or so - it will be worth it, unless someone didn't grow/cure properly.

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