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Different Highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlfStewart, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. what's the go with different highs with different weed from different dealers.

    i usually buy a fairly sticky dank and when i smoke that, i get a really lazy high. i always feel like i just want to sit down and melt.

    but the other day my dealer went on holidays so i bought dank from a different mate which was dryer than my normal stuff.
    and when i smoke that, like right now, i get a really cool arty high.

    like i just went to a huge effort to make a massive sandwich with guacamole, shaved cheese, ham, beetroot and heaps of other mad shit.

    then i got into mad photography mode and took a few styled photographs of my sandwich and kitchen.

    they're both pretty strong shit, and were both smoked fairly late at night.

    just wondering why i get different highs from different dealers?
  2. Different weed gives you different highs. Basically there are two categories Indica and Sativa. Indica weed gives a lazy-melt-to-the-couch-high. Sativa weed makes you creative and energetic. Most the time you'll get a hybrid. For example 70/30 in favor of sativa.
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    Theres two different types of weed, indica which will give you the couchlock high you mentioned, and Sativa, which give you a head high and make you want to do something.
    Indica is usually more common as it takes shorter time to grow and gives bigger yields, although you get alot of hybrids of the two mixed.
  4. oh sweet.
    cheers dudes.
  5. pics of sandwiches?
    lets judge
  6. Yeah yeah i also get different highs.

    On dutch i seem to get extreme laughing buzz

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