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Different Color Buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RandleStoner, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. I have two buds from the same plant. I know the grower personally. Anyways... one of them is a lot darker than the other. One is green and one is purple. Does anyone know how this happened or what? Here are the two buds.


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  2. i think purple is a result of either temperature or i suppose it would be possible for that to occur.

    i dont know shit though.
  3. So maybe he didn't have the plant lit well on one side and those buds turned purple?
  4. It looks like outdoor so it could easily be because of temperature
  5. Sup blade, i would suggest postin a quick question on one of the growing sections they know a lot about the specifics but yes it definately could be because of lighting and/or temperature. Most likely because of where the plant grew, I know that some will get outa control and just grow wild haha:D and people can't always plan for that and it gets into iffy spots and can sometimes do that.

    If its not naturally purple (from what i have read) it is most likely because the temperature got lower then it should have and the trichomes burst and turns the plant purple, so maybe the pruple is less dank is my guess.
  6. food coloring yo
  7. probably got cold enough for that plant to turn purple. it only takes a couple hours for it to turn purple. probably different temps throughout the room.
  8. I'm learning new shit everyday from gc haha
  9. Plants don't turn purple uniformly.

    Often, the purple starts at the edges and creeps its way in (I think thats due to the air around the plant being cold)
    Other times, the purple starts inside the plant and creeps its way out (natural purpling of the plant does this, also food coloring, but you can tell apart the two.)

    So yeah, its not uncommon for some of the nugs off a plant to be purple, and the others green.

    Its a great example of how the purple nug is no stronger/tastier than the green one, and in fact when its really really purple, the taste is worse, anthocyanin doesn't exactly taste good.

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