difference with lightbulbs?

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  1. hey can any one tell me the difference between a GE Cfl lightbulb and a Daylight Cfl lightbulb?

    im debating on which ones to get because GE(15$ for 6-pk) is cheaper and Daylight is more(20$for 6-pk) i just need to no which one would be better cuz there pretty much the same thing is it just the company name or is something actually different?
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    GE is a manufacture of the first bulb, who is makes the second ? You can buy GE Daylight bulbs from Walmart. You need to know the spectrum of the bulbs you buy. If it was me I would goto Wallyworld and buy the GE Daylight bulb to get you started. Not to mention if you have an issue with a bulb you can just return it conveniently. Note lower spectrum is best for VEGGING, I see 2500 and 2700 a lot.

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