Difference between these two? and your thoughts

Discussion in 'General' started by TR4FF1C, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. if you had to pick one of the two, which you dont, id pick the second. it is out of stock though, by the way.
  2. I took a half second look at both and I choose the second.
  3. its my first bong . so i have no knowledge about bongs.  
  4. The second one is out of stock. So you don't get to pick that one.
  5. on my screen it shows its in stock ... lol 
  6. Amber one, but as everyone else said, its out of stock.

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  7. first one since the second is out of stock. unless you want a taller piece. I'd go with the blue one tho, it has everything you really need.
  8. Personally Id go with the weed star, that amber bong is 20 inches which imo is on the excessive side for a bong becuase it can be a bitch  to transport and store and probably hits like shit with that dome perc, the 12 inch blue one looks like its perc will serve you a lot better and is a lot easier to store being a one footer.
  9. Haven't looked at either but anything you see on the grasscity shop you can find elsewhere for cheaper and quicker/easier shipping.

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