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Difference between schwag, mids, dank, and fire?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Fuck schwag. that's like the worst of the worst cheapest weed you can find. Not even worth buying. Mids is like the bud that almost could have been dank, but somewhere along the way something got messed up whether it be that it was improperly grown or maybe it just got handled too much. Could be a number of things. Dank would be the weed that smells and tastes so good you almost want to eat the buds. Usually pretty dense fat nugs. Fire is just another way of saying dank, but it can also be used to descibe top shelf, which is the absolute best of the best and perfect in every way. It gets you stoned, tastes amazing, smells great, looks like it was grown well and is just the best there is.
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    Schwag is that shitty brick weed, its basically just shitty reggie
    Mids are usually reggie and sold as "mids" but legit mids are just fucked up dank, so theyre better 
    Dank and Fire are pretty much the same thing, basically its good weed.
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    IMO theres schwag which is straight brown leave, stems, and seeds.
    Then mids which actually look like weed and are green, just not many visable crystals, real stemy and seedy, could be in shake form. Then dank which is coated in crystals, minimal stem, nugs, you know the usual. Then there's what I would classify as super dank, being those buds that are so coated they look like they have been sitting in snow or something.
    Damn autocorrect how do i turn it off on android 4.3?
  4. I've never had schwag then. Also I got this decent stuff last week. Like between mids and fire and I got a quarter and found one seed. Is that bad?
    thats what i would call beasters.
    i guess no one else uses this term anymore?
  6. ahh okay, thanks
  7. Where I'm from, fire could be any of the three. It's commonly used to mean whatever you normally buy is really good right now.

    I heard beasters and headies in Colorado years ago. Both just shy of top shelf.

    My posts are either hypothetical, theoretical, or fiction. All pictures and claims are stolen or false. This form of communication is for entertainment purposes only.
  8. It looks like something just above mids. The crystals are impressive but it's untrimmed and a bit twiggy and brownish, so probably from either someone who didn't know quite what they were doing or just didn't give a fuck and is in it only for the money (quantity over quality). Either way, they probably didn't take the best care of their plants.
    But, like I said the crystals look pretty damn decent for that. Take a puff and see. 
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  9. Schwag is unheard of because it's so aweful in some areas. Like an anti-unicorn, an old horror story left of the dark ages before legalization. Mids are the shit you get shaken off before some sold it to you. Dank is what you get on the regs, but I know others are less fortunate. Fire is the shit you grow yourself, preferably leaps and bounds over the dank shit. Otherwise what's the point? :p

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