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difference between sativa and indica

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Just Ordinary, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. What's the difference between sativa and indica? And I don't want some bullshit about how the strains are grown or some shit and where it came from, I just wanna know what are the differences in the high?
  2. Search ftw... Sativa is uplifting energetic and more of a head high while Indica is a body buzzing, relaxing, couchlock high.
  3. so is indica kind of more of a high?

    and i did research... just got some how it's grown bullshit haha
  4. yea what he said
  5. Sativa - you feel like doing shit, want to do shit, creativity.

    Indica - "Fuck I'm so stoned let's just grab some munchies and play video games"
  6. Imagine if the tortoise and hare, were not in a race.... but were taking a nice stroll down the road.... the tortoise is slow... probably half moving in the first place, taking time, enjoying the scenery.... The hare is jumpy, ready to go, looking around at everything, taking it all in, but too quickly to thoroughly grasp it all

    Tortoise = Indica, relaxed, mellow, sit on the couch and fuckin melt kinda high
    Hare= Sativa, racing (sometimes), up lifting, energetic, up in your head pulling on all the wires kinda high
  7. what do most people prefer?

  8. It seems the popular demand in the "gangsta" world is indica. But im not too sure why.... certain situations are better for one, while others are better for the other....
  9. Yea Sirsog summed it up well.

    Indica - you just feel chilled out. It can produce a couch-lock, which is okay, but it isn't for everyone, so if you like to just kick back and do nothing, than indicas might be for you. it's more of a head and body high, and it usually affects my coordination.

    Sativa - energetic, creative, inspired, happy, goofier highs. I just want to go run around, talk to people, etc when i smoke a sativa type. I prefer sativa over indica any day.
  10. Sativa at day, Indica at night.

  11. Right??!?!?! thats my motto lol.... but the whole world seems to just want to smoke the heaviest indica they can and laugh at the wall or some shit.... i like to go and do shit hahahahah
  12. Word! Indicas sometimes take the fun out of it becuase I have to have a battle with my mind not to fall asleep....
  13. A big difference. Like night and day, like red or white wine.

    Are people afraid of google?

  14. nicely explained sog.

    thread close!

  15. no i googled it and there were no good threads or articles on it... and is it common to ask your dealer for some sativa's or indica's or do you usually just take what he gets? cuz if you guys do, i might ask my dealer for one type over another.

    shit i'm baked i prolly make no sense
  16. I always asked my dealer for what i was looking for haha... some only have 1 strain at a time, some are masters and have a large variety... depends on their way of doing business
  17. Does nobody look at the stickie labeled Frequently Asked Questions? You would have found your answer in 30 seconds.
  18. Well I've never been told whether I was smoking one or the other, but I feel confident in guessing which was which.
    I like being active and productive most of the time, so sativa. But, lately I've been just wanting to lay in the dark and listen to a cd, and the stuff I have has me bouncing around so I can't focus on the music for shit!
  19. #19 RedSmiley, Aug 10, 2011
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  20. We dont discourage people from asking questions..... generally

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