Difference between Nutes and ferts?

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  1. i was curious what the difference between Nutrients and fertilizers are?

    basically i have the fox farms liquid trio nutes, but i am getting some light green in some of the new growth. after doing some research i found that it could be several different deficiencies. and to correct the problem add fert x (x being a variable)

    so can i use these ferts with my nutes, or use one or the other?

    lastly anybody know a good fert that has all main trace elements?
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    Jack's Classic has everything but cal/mag. This is left out on purpose to avoid lockout from cal/mag in the soil and or water.

    Dyna-Gro is 100% complete.

    Both have been around for years and used by large commercial growers and greenhouse operations.

    Nutes and ferts are the same thing for our purpose.

  3. A nute is a nutrient Cal, Mag, potassium etc. I'd say a fert is a collection of nutes but I think most people interpret them as the same thing.

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