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Difference between mexican xanax and american?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Motoxridah, Aug 26, 2008.

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    For all you experienced xanax heads out there I got a question for you, I just picked up 25 xanax that are exactly the same pills as right here


    I was just wondering if these are american xannies or mexican. I have heard american ones are all around better so i'm curious. I have seen some mexican bars that had some form of letters or numbers like U92382 or something but this has a "g 1 2 34 " or something similar. Just wondering if I scored american or mexican xannies (there are 4 scores on the back of these bars). I payed $100 for 25 btw
  2. Alprazolam is and will always be Alprazolam.
  3. Dont know much about the bars but the american 2 mg blue ovals seem to fuck me up more then any other brand..mexican and generic watson.
  4. im with chronic..the only difference might be the binders and fillers in the pill, but the main ingredient is the same in all of them. i dont think youll notice much difference in effect.

  5. There's no such thing as 2mg blue oval bars. They are white and long and narrow. And watson is an opiate.... where are you coming from crazy man?
  6. The psychoactive effects are the same but mexican Xanax will give you the runs.

  7. Montezuma's revenge!
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    guess again buddy, i've had round blue 2mg xanax, they had an x on one side and a 2 on the other, we called them xmen 2's

    it all depends on the company that makes them... not so smart are ya

    and watson is a pharmaceutical company... once again, not so smart

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  9. tssssss burnnn
  10. Mexican Xanax =Cheaper
    American Xanax= Not so much...
  11. Care to elaborate?
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    mexican pharms dont cost nearly as much as american, or it could be that if you got 100 bucks n ur in mexico you can go a long way with it haha, alot longer than in america, shits cheaper in mexico, or at least our dollar is worth more than theirs

    haha that just reminded me of this shit i saw on mad tv where this mexican dude was workin at taco bell n was all pissed cuz of the mockery taco bell is to mexican food, then he starts tellin his life story about how he used his life savings, 1,000,000 pacos, and it was enough to buy him his hat and uniform haha, i dunno, u'd have to see it i'm just high
  13. NOTHING! mexi is cheaper
  14. You kinda got the right Idea, only It's way cheaper than you think. My friend told me he got a presciption of percocet in mexico, I forgot what the standard amount and mg each is, but for $10 more he got 100 more pills.
  15. well, he got o thing right.....

    there is no such thing as an oval bar.

    that which you have sir, is a circle...
  16. the biggest difference is that mexicans can walk in and get xanex w/o worrying about going to prison, but americans cant.......big ass difference aye.....those mexicans got it made, our goverment has it made.,......lol

    im just bsing so chill and smoke a J....i know mexicans r coming here daily, but they got folks to send them thier meds......lol....:smoking:

    i grow mine.....as i see fit.....:wave:
  17. ya but those extended release. XR's never fuck me up like IRs do.

    OP you should of probably gotten a better deal. $4 each is a lot if u are buying quite a bit of em. In texas you could get em for like $1-$2 each.
  18. Back in Houston xannys were very easy to get and very cheap.
    They were 2$ a pop. If you want 100+ they were 1$a pop.

    this was probably 2-3 years ago, prices vary and differ everywhere. I think i remember someone mentioning buying 5$ a pop.. lols

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