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Difference between metric and US customary, weed wise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Soccerguy420, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So i was thinking earlier, and i realized that grams, kilograms, etc is a measure of mass, while ounce, pounds, etc are measurements of weight.

    simply, that means that measuring weed in grams or derivatives of grams is measuring the amount of substance.

    alternatively, when you buy ounces or pounds, pounds and such measure weight, which is essentially the measure of gravitational pull on something.

    so if you have a gram on earth and you bring it to the moon, you still have a gram, but if you have a pound on earth and bring it to the moon, you'd have 1/6th of a pound, which i am too lazy to figure out what that is.

    am i the only person that has realized this? and does that make a difference to how much your getting?

    thanks, cause im really confused
  2. No it doesn't make a difference to how much youre getting because people dont weigh out an ounce first of all, they weigh out 28 grams. In reality an ounce is 28.3xxxxxxxxxx and so on and so on grams.

    Also it wouldnt matter even if they were actually weighing the ounces, because we dont live on the moon and buy our weed on earth lol, the gravitational pull is essentially the same everywhere on this planet

  3. lol all of this.
  4. get less high and think about it. It will make sense :cool:

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