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Difference between 1/8 and 8th?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gruv3r14, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I was texting my new dealer when I asked the price of an eighth, he said which one so I said the one that should be $30-50. He said a 1/8 is $35 and an 8th is $70. Whats the difference? Iv'e searched online and couldn't find anything and on this forum.

    thanks I'm only a beginner, been smoking for about a few months now.
  2. Your dealer is just a retard. There is no difference. Bring your scale and weight that shit. An 8th is 3.5.
  3. There is no difference. He might think you mean an eighth versus a half, or he might be trying to rip you off. 1/8 = 8th.
  4. 8th = 1/8 oz = 3.5g = $20-25 here
  5. you're dealer is stupid 1/8=eighth=3.5g, he probably is confusing eighth with quarter=1/4=7g
  6. 1/8 of an ounce.
    An eighth of an ounce.

    Get a new dealer, they're the same.
    I bet he's playing you man.
  7. I wouldn't fuck with that dealer. 70 for an 8th is terrible pricing and 35 is just poop weed. :smoke:
  8. There is no difference he is trying to take advantage of you and never buy in dollar amounts always buy based on weight. An 1/8 should be around 3.5 grams if I'm not mistaken
  9. no difference, some dealer you have!
  10. I would invite that dealer over, tie him down, and shit in his mouth while punching him in the kidneys with a gimp mask on (zipper closed, obviously).
  11. Seriously?

    You do understand that weed costs different amounts in different places and for different qualities and depending on the mood of the dealer and how well you know him and how much weed he has and how easy it is for him to get more?

    Don't generalize weed prices, just like you shouldn't generalize people.
  12. Bro he might have been mixing up an 8th with a quarter. So just ask for the cheaper one. and weight it out.

    Or he could be trying say a half 8th. Hence 1/8th. Idk. Just make sure it weight 3.5 and give him 35 dollars.
  13. Calm down. Do you really thing his dealer is hooking him up with 70 dollar 8th's? I doubt this person is in cali so unless hes getting ripped off big time he isn't going to get a good quality 8th for 35.
  14. You calm down. So agitated, just chillax, my god. You're going to have a stroke.

    A 70$ eighth isn't really a hookup. You have no idea where this person lives, and it's not just California that has cheap good weed. Oregon, Washington, Montana, Canada, not to mention countries outside of North America, or the dealer might grow.
  15. California shop prices are really no different than street prices here in IL as far as good weed goes. Rule of thumb is, don't ever pay more than $60 for an 1/8th, or $120 for a 1/4th. He's paying more than he needs to, he would be better off seeking elsewhere.

    Also, you both look like fags when you accuse people of being mad.
  16. No shit, that's the point I'm making. That's one of my biggest pet peeves, when people troll you by telling you to calm down, while it's obvious you're already calm. Thus the exaggeration.

    That isn't rule of thumb. I live in MA and I've asked plenty of dealers/friends about how much they pay and for what quality. An eighth will run anywhere from 40$ with a good hookup or shit weed to 80$ for really good dank. He could be anywhere in the world.
  17. You're getting all worked up over one little comment I made on the guys bud possibly being shitty. Get off your high horse. :smoke:
  18. An eigth is 3.54369039 grams
  19. I'm pretty chill right now, so you can go ahead and stop saying I need to calm down or whatever. I'm not on any high horse, I simply pointed out why your post was pretty stupid/assumptuous.
  20. Calm down bro

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