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Diff Between Smoking Pure/with Tobacco..trying To Make Sense Of What Happened Yesterday

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by freshlyGreen, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Hi ya'll
    I'm using mari jay sometimes to relax and for mood.not a lot, not frequently (once every 2 weeks or so)
    i'm trying to make sense of what happened yesterday.
    I had no tobacco, so I smoked it pure.  I had taken my vitamin B complex just an hour ago (first time i used it with weed and and it was accidental, i forgot i had taken it).
    I put around the same amoutn of weed i use when i smoke with tobaco.
    I didn't feel the smoke scratching my throat like with tobacco. I also didn't feel any positive mood, or any positive high. I just felt really spacey, forgetfull, unable to focus and extremely sleepy. maybe even slightly scared...
    Is this normal when smoking pure? or could it have been the vitamin complex interacting?!
    i did solve my sleep onset insomnia though, even though i still woke up after 5 hours of sleep..a classic for me these days!

  2. U got high

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  4. U got high
  5. #5 TelevisedChaos, Jun 7, 2013
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    What those guys said.
    It sounds like you're new to "getting high".
    Some highs are different than others, it can depend on your mood and setting.
  6. You probably smoked a different strain than what you're used to but like the other guys said you got high lol

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  7. I used to smoke the weed, but then i got high....  dah dah dahuda dfadaaaaaaaaa ^^  
    Plus you might have no eaten or drank or like.. stuff. also, best time of your life man starts irghtn ow. 
  8. no no no, i was gonna smoke 'dat cigarette, but then i got high...
    freshly green, you should give up those cigarettes ...... they are bad for you.    dah dah dahuda dfadaaaaaaaaa.    hahaha
  9. just a different high you won't always get super happy and what not, word of advise just go with the high if your feelin super sleepy go pass out for a bit or throw on some light cartoons just let the high control you don't control it
  10. ahahahah! i knew i'd get an answer like this! thanks for the humour people
    i guess it was a really different high from what i'm used to. i didnt even see it coming! it's also a different strain and i had never smoked pure.
    dah dah dah tah...dah rah tahhhhhh
    because i got high
    because i got high
    because i got high
  11. Haha the first time I smoked without tobacco in my bowl aswell all I remember saying was either: "wait, wait what??" or "wait.. Were we just talking?"  
    Don't worry you act like less of a moron after a few sessions.  Also Anxiety stops too.
  12. I guess its because i smoked pure and as I'm not used to it, it was too much for me.
    So i'll try again
    Apparently it helped with the insomnia;)
  13. tobacco kills the user and kills the people around the smoker...
    why the fuck would anybody want to take up a junkies drug (tobacco) that WILL kill them and the people they love?
  14. #14 freshlyGreen, Jun 10, 2013
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    Hey just to tell you I tried it again, since I was not very relaxed yesterday night and couldn't fall asleep and it was 2 am already.
    30-45 mins after smoking a pure I fell asleep.
    I think I still smoked too much though, for me. But it's so little that I couldn't roll a smaller joint..ill keep trying it, if it keeps working I'll buy a vaporizer probably.
    It solves my initial insomnia and doesn't give me sleep myoclonus. Apparently with tobacco it does with some strains (with white widow it was ok though).
    On the other hand, second half of my sleep seems to be non-restorative.
    I'm happy to have found something natural that doesn't give me side effects I got from meds that I can use as a sleeping aid when I can't fall asleep!! I don't want to take meds again...
  15. #15 freshlyGreen, Jun 10, 2013
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    btw, this isn't legal where I live in...
    i think people worldwide are using this to help them with medical probs, not just in the USA..should be legal everywhere.
  16. MJ=vasodialator (i.e. it expands your blood vessels)
    Nicotine=vasoconstrictor (i.e. it shrinks your blood vessels)
    Similar effect when you drink a crapload of booze and go out for a smoke.

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