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diet foods and munchies

Discussion in 'General' started by MyNameIsBob, May 26, 2009.

  1. Im drunk right now and I am hungry for some taco bell. But Im on a diet right now so i was wondering what kinda foods you eat when you have the munchies but on a diet?

    Im gonna eat a yogurt.
  2. I have the same problem.

    I usually eat some chicken with lots of herbs/spices to make it taste delicious and use a bit of extra oil for cooking that way it tastes a bit more greasy (but I use coconut/olive oil for cooking so its healthy grease lol) and munchie compatible.

    I also cook fish which is delicious while high (and sober).
  3. I just ate a whole bunch of leftover spicy chicken wings. Chicken tastes fucking amazing when drunk.

    Being on a diet and on intoxicating substances is a bitch.

    btw im still drunk i hope im coherent.
  4. im diabetic so all my munchies are healthy. i usually eat chips salsa/guac. deli meats (prosciutto, ham, turkey) and cheese (swiss, gruyere, aged cheddar, blue).... peanut butter on apples/celery. apples, bananas, oranges, clementines, cuties, pineapples, mangos... i could go on for hours
  5. i like this fella's logic. +rep for eating good shit.
  6. hate to break it to you man, but if you're on a diet, getting drunk is probably one of the last things you want to do, alc has sooooo many calories in it, you probably took in a days worth of calories in liquid form just to get fucked up
  7. meat and cheese sandwiches with whole grain bread
    there are also some yummy not-that-bad-for-you cereals..
    nuts, fruits and veggies.
    ....but illadelphin already said most of those things:smoking:

  8. Drunk + Rockband = exercise. I drink 151s or 100 proof drinks so as not to drink as much calories. I avoid nasty cat piss beer. Also running around chasing my dog trying to get my borrito back also counts as exercise.

    Needs less protein and more veggies. Maybe ill start drinking bloody marys.
  9. All of the things illadelphin mentioned are healthy alternatives for fatty foods. Just get the junk out of your house and fill up your fridge with fruits and veggies. Almonds are good for you-- there's a brand called Blue Diamond that makes some BALLIN' spicy Wasabi and Soy Sauce ones that will make you say :eek: :D

    Drink a big glass of water when you think you're hungry, try calorie free flavored ones-- most of the time when you are dieting and think you want to eat, you are really thirsty and will feel fuller if you drink something.

    And also like someone else said, stay away from alcohol!
    :) Good luck!

    mmmm I like your style. :hello:

    I have an expensive cheese habit :hide:
  10. good ole pb and j. cold salad with blasamic vinagrette dressing. fruit. i eat lots of healthy foods

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