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  1. I was thinking of growing some diesel ryder outdoors, does anyone have any experience with growing DR outdoors? and what were your results? Itl be a really simple grow too, itl be in the ground, not pots.
  2. Hate to bust your bubble dude but unless you live around the equator or in the southern hemisphere you won't be growing anything this year outdoors. So if you spent good money on those seeds I'd hold on to them until next year. Peace!!
  3. its an autoflowering strain bro, doesnt matter when I plant it.
  4. Listen to Hillbilly. You have some reading to do if you even questioned his knowledge on this subject.
  5. Hes right. Outdoors, as far as my part of the world goes ends in about 8-9 weeks
  6. Oh. so what happens if I plant it now? I mean I dont have the seeds yet, I just wanna know the average yield really first. will it just grow retarded or something? my plan wasnt necessarily outdoors, but by my windowsil
  7. Growing outdoors is using the sun as your source of light meaning using your windowsill is the same. Its way too late to start an outdoor.
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    right, but this strain autoflowers, so what happens when I plant it now? lowryder cant veg can it? plus I read in a lowryder description that it can be planted up till late summer
  9. You are not really getting th picture, which is ok, so let me try and paint it.

    Autoflowering is great, but it is not the end all solution to your problem, which happens to be the season is practically over.

    First off, you said you don't even have seeds yet.... You get seeds and germinate them, takes about 2 days.

    Second, you need to GROW the plants to a certain height , which is called vegging , and it can NOT be done outside in the current conditions because the light cycle outside is wrong. So, you would need to buy indoor lighting and vegg them for at least 20 days to get them to a foot tall.

    Now, 23 days later, you have foot tall plants. So it is Mid September with about 3 or 4 more weeks left of actual benficial sunlight , and you transplant your plants outside. They show sex in a couple days, and then the females start to actually bud. Butttt, a few weeks pass and it either frosts in your area or it is about to and the plants need to be harvested.

    What you are looking at , are wayyyy pre matured flowers that contain very little THC ,are veryyyyy small and also are not filled in at all.

    In short, please, just do some reading. Buy good seeds. Buy seeds that are known to grow well in your area. Buy soil and prep a site for next year. Buy fencing, and be sure to fence the area off. Buy fertilizers some with 30-15-15 and another kind that has a ratio of 15-30-15. You probably don't even know what those numbers mean, which means READ.

    I was in the same position as you a few years back. I wanted to sneak in a grow late, but it just wasn't worth it. I waited it out, and my results were unreal. Trust me guy, it's the best.

    As for doing it just to get the experience.... Forget it. Anyone can grow a plant to a foot tall maybe even animals could do that... Just wait, the results will be great.
  10. alright well thanks, I guess I'll just grow indoors
  11. It can be done outdoors but indoors would be the ideal choice.
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    Uh, yeah. Me too. 70 days brings us into November, and he doesn't even have the seed yet. So who are you calling stupid?
  13. Yea, Dank, when you find out what the fuck that guy is talking about fax me .... November should bring a nice frost into the picture which if I remember right is a bonus for the plants, or wait... Does it completely fucking kill them? I forget , I am stupid.
  14. Hilarious, your way too funny man... so the beginning of November automatically brings frost? Wow, maybe you should work for the weather channel since you know when frost comes.
    As I recall spring didn't end untill mid november last year, get your facts straight before you try to be smart, you embarassed yourself.
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    I live in California. There would be no frosting outside... and I do have the seeds now, 5 lowryder #2's, decided against dieselryder, too much money. Same stuff though, still autoflowering. If someone decides I can do outdoors, I will, or atleast by the windowsil which was my plan in the first place... otherwise my indoor setup is already set. Im still confused on the subject though so, knowing there will be no frost issues, if I can still do a windowsil grow now ill do that.
  16. Look Dude, not trying to be an ass or anything but it's your seed and your money. You can do whatever you want. What you really need to do is talk to someone you know that grows outdoors in your area and see what they say. If you are in SoCal you might get away with an outdoor grow this late but don't expect a large yield.
  17. Funny thread. I loved the "don't question Hillbillybudman"'s knowledge" part (by the way hillbilly awesome grow! and you do know a lot).

    It seems late to me but if you're in So. Calif or similar. and you have a bay window with a lot of direct sun, it's possible. The main thing is frost but inside it's no problem until end november. Lots of people in the South have three seasons (summer, spring, fall). But then from Dec. to Feb., you can't do anything. And then, the best season is summer (biggest yiedl). Good to start indoors to catch up time).

    Later dudes!
  18. MAn you seem pretty confident about waht you say, so here's some other question:
    Im planning to grow lowryders outdoors in a greenhouse and i setting up my greenhouse in a way that i can control temperature, humidity and co2 (extra) my only problem is the light. SInce the lowryders are autoflower will i have any problems? I forgot to mention that my i will start grow from january-february
  19. Since it is an autoflowering strain, it will flower regardless of how much light it gets (within reason). If you want a plant thats worth the time money and effort (and your ass incase you get caught) you are gonna want atleast 6 hours of GOOD light. Light and water is how your plant grows homie do the math. The less light the smaller the plant
  20. indoor it dude, youll prob get them done but you wont be getting what you could be if you either waited till next year or did indoor.

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