Dieing Buds??

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    On one of my plants the buds are looking great. But on one or two of the side branches and i think i little spot on the main cola, The bud is BEAUTIFUL, Nice and green and very crystally but they have some brown spots. It looks like the bud is dieing or very dried out. Kinda swagish in look but i dont think it is that because the buds look great.
    Im gonna try to get pics but i dont have a good camera. I pick at the areas and its hard to rip off, but when its in my hand i can crumble it kinda easily.

    Idk, Anyone understand what im saying? lol
  2. Sorry, I cant get a pic. It comes out lookin like blobs of green and brown lol.

    If anyone can help, these little parts look like the bud is part shwag and part dank. Idk what it is. Maybe the buds rotting?? Idk if anyone can help or just comment idk if i should cut the little parts off or just let it grow out.
  3. Do you have any pests ?
  4. Not too many. I planted near a bunch of wild flowers so the Bee population is pretty heavy.

    I was lookin at the brown spots again, peeling back on the leaves a bit and i noticed a white webbing. Its on all the brown spots. Idk if its a type of mold thats slowly killing the bud or if its some crazy spider burried in each of the spots.

    Its only on one plant and they are planted only a foot apart, two at most. So idk if it is mold, i would think that it would be a problem on all of them if that were the case.

    Im not sure if i should cut out the spots where the brown areas are. Or maybe cut the stem to the buds where the brown is growing. Would that effect the plant? Cutting off stems before harvest?
  5. No one has any idea??
  6. If it looks like webbing, like from a spider, you probably have spider mites. They are a very small, the big ones are brown and hardly visable while the young ones are so small the look like a white speck, bugs that spin webs. I had bamboo stakes holding up my colas and the only way I could see them was when they would walk up the stakes the white little specs showed up against the darker background of the stakes. The point is they are VERY hard to see.
    They will spin webs down in the bud and I believe if they get down in it it will brown up like you are talking about. I would say if you have the spots showing they could be pretty bad. Treat it with a pyrethrins based pesticed. It is derived from a plant and will not hurt the plants or buds. It says it is safe to spray up to harvest but I would hit them a couple times a day untill you sure you got them and then quit using it by the time you start to flush for harvest. It is an oil and in my opinion can ruin the flavor.

    Hope that helped.:smoking:
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    Definitely check for spider mites, although it sounds like you might have a mold or bud rot problem as well. A picture would really be needed to confirm anything.

    Spider mites will usually leave tiny white speckles on your fan leaves, this is the damage from them sucking the juices out through the bottom. On the bottom of your fan leaves, you can see them moving if you look really close, or with a magnifying glass. They look like slow-moving pepper.

    Here is what spider mite damage will look like:

    Mites also tend to stay away from the buds since the sticky resin makes it hard for them to eat, so they stay more on the leaves.

    If what you have looks very different from this, or you can't find any bugs, you probably have some kind of mold problem. Even though it is not on all your plants, it doesn't mean it can't be a mold issue.

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