Dieing Buds? Or Maybe Mold?

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  1. On one of my plants the buds are looking great. But on one or two of the side branches and i think i little spot on the main cola, The bud is BEAUTIFUL, Nice and green and very crystally but they have some brown spots. It looks like the bud is dieing or very dried out. Kinda swagish in look but i dont think it is that because the buds look great.
    I dont have a good camera so pics just come out with green and brown blurrs. I pick at the areas and its hard to rip off, but when its in my hand i can crumble it kinda easily.

    I was lookin at the brown spots again, peeling back on the leaves a bit and i noticed a white webbing. Its on all the brown spots. Idk if its a type of mold thats slowly killing the bud or if its some crazy spider burried in each of the spots. The webbing isnt really thick or anything and isnt all over the brown parts.

    Its only on one plant and they are planted only a foot apart, two at most. So idk if it is mold, i would think that it would be a problem on all of them if that were the case.

    Im not sure if i should cut out the spots where the brown areas are. Or maybe cut the stem to the buds where the brown is growing. Would that effect the plant? Cutting off stems before harvest?

    Idk, Anyone understand what im saying? lol

    And yes i posted this in the sick forum but I got NO help what so ever.
  2. bud worms dude. you might as well harvest the ones that are dying. i dont know how to get rid of them but when you break them open there will prolly be a little red/orange/cream colored worm. they feed on the thc and turn red when they get full. they are annoying little basturds, but welcome to growin outdoors haha. happy harvest
  3. o and if it is mold it will look white and fuzzy and it will smell bad
  4. Ive broken it up, not all the areas tho. Even cut one nug off at the end of a branch and no worm. Idk if its mold, It doesnt smell bad but its not a large area either. If it is worms how may i get rid of it??
  5. I think it might be spider mites.. When i cut that little peice of bud off i seen a spider laying on the remaining stem. It was fairly small and i didnt notice it right away
  6. spider mites are real tiny. but if i were you i would go to the closest hydro store/ grow store and try get some organic herbal insecticide soap. that should help if it is some sort of pest.
  7. My dad tells me to use just regular dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Ive done it before earlier in the year, but it didnt seem like the plants took to well to it.

    Would it really be in my best interest to just harvest this one plant? Its got a good amount of buds on it and the trich are cloudy in color.
  8. I would go with a good organic insecticide mane dont pick early unless it uncontrollable. And yes welcome to the great world of outdoor growing and the damn worms they jibble really fast when ya scare them so a lot of times they are out of there before you get to them
  9. 99% say its bud worms same shit i got worst thing that can ever happend! I got them in my grow they turn into caterpilars when they get big they can eat the whole crop. My suggestion is look really good find as many as u can kill em and try to hold off harvest as beat as u can if i see my plant keep getting fucked up by them fuck it im going to chop. I hate loose looking buds
  10. It's mold.
    What the hell is a bud worm?
  11. I just wanted to throw this in about the Organic pesticide's, I have used Safer Soap and much later used Organocide from my local Hyrdo store and both product's killed most of my plant leafs and screwed up my future crop production.My plant's look really jacked now.Sorry I don't have any alternative's for you.Good luck.One thing though-you can put window screen around the uninfected plant to prevent those Basterds from attacking your other girl.

  12. mold is white dude! From what i know mold doesnt kill ur buds just grows on top of it and makes it unable to smoke!

    Bud worms aka caterpilars eat ur plant making those dry dead looking areas in your plant.

    Look let explain it better i saw a spot or spots in my buds....turning brown and drying looking. Which i know shouldnt be cause harvest is not ready and buds shouldnt be looking dry or dying cause they get plenty of water. So what i did was pull back that bud spilt it open what was there was black dots and a worm or 2 inside. Any outdoor grower will tell u this is not mold , mold is white and furry there some powdery mold too powdery which i had this grow season puts a layer of white dust over ur fans and some buds. But does not kill them for what ive seen in my garden.

    For the guy that made this thread search ur dead looking buds i know it bud worms dude....if there no white powder or fuzz on it . It cant be mold remember there is bud rot too!

  13. i agree.... Either sit and look threw all buds or harvest. Safer shit burns ur plants and made my little mold problem into something big. Will never fuck with safer products.
  14. BUD ROT?

    uhh I had picked a mid section top bud like .5 grams and the next week the bud under were i sampled from started looking dry and brown, so the next week (today) I picked the rest of that mid section top bud and smoked it wit my friends, gave me this crazy kreeper head high
  15. If it looks like this it's mold, which will kill. It'll spread up and down the cola. Ya prob can't see this to well but it's white and has spiderweb like tendrils coming from it.

    The brown pic is allredy dead from mold. Being it's at the bottom of the bud it has allready died and turned brown, has more air circulating around it.

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