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Didn't like Body High at all

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by running ostrich, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. hey guys- im a complete beginner. i take it for chronic pain... tried indica first and put me right to sleep, was high for 8 hours total from 1/2 of a 1g brownie.
    didnt like the body high, i like to physically work but not feel pain or anxiety. other than that i loved it. tried a hybrid today and was calm but productive.

    is there some type [of indica?] of pot that gives the mental effects of indica but the bodily effects of sativa?
  2. Indica's prob your shit dude. Have fun.
  3. If you dont like body highs then I would try finding some good sativas.
  4. thanks guys, yea the sleep and everything was awesome. just not used to living in slow motion -yet hah
  5. have you thought of buying a vaporizer? They give me clean productive highs even when I put indicas in them, sounds like a vape would give you your preferred symptoms.
  6. You'll get used to subtle things about getting high. 8 hours is a long time dude.

    I made a gram firecracker once, got blasted out of this world high for like 6 hours. Crazy.:cool:

  7. yea definitely want a vaporizer, but dont have much money for one- ive heard theyre expensive

    sounds like fun, but i have no idea what a firecracker is hah im learning all of this from medicinal pot places (and you guys, who i like "talking" to better)... i need someone to hang with in CA until i move back to NJ
  8. a vaporizer will pay for itself soon enough, you conserve so much more weed, its worth every penny and then some.
  9. Haven't gotten a vaporizer yet, something I def. see in the future though. :smoke:
  10. been using edibles, but i wanna smoke just dont want my whole apartment to smell like pot

    T- what part of jersey are you in? im from ocean county temporarily in CA

    do you think it's gross to get a vaporizer on ebay?
  11. There's the problem. Check out this.

  12. oh that makes sense, i have a good amount of conditions on there so i'll have a nice variety now :cool: thanks for the information!
  13. man I love the body high. pulsating diamond shaped energy waves. Although if you're trying to do something productive, its not gonna help.
  14. No problem, respect the herb and your low tolerance. Enjoy. :smoke:
  15. Nice to see this guy get some actual help. :D

  16. huh, never thought of it that way. indica kicking now and i totally feel what you're saying it's a cool feeling now instead of a bad one

  17. im a 23 yr old girl.. im a laddday

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