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Did you throw up your first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crazycon, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Dont smoke weed if Ya Under 13[/ame]

    I was reading some shit on the comments and it seemed like everyone there first time threw up or got "white" but I was gonna try it today for the first time and Im a bit undecided atm I have a problem with throwing up and I definatly dont what that shit to happen.. So is this shit true?
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    Its not the weed that makes you throw up its the smoke. Peopel take too big of hits when they arn't used to smoking, and the heat/amount of smoke can make you throw up, or cough to the point that you throw up. Take smaller hits when you start, you won't throw up.

    EDIT: And no, I did not throw up my first time - or any other time after that.
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    Man just smoke! Dont take too big rips and you'll be fine.

  4. That kid's friends in the video are dicks. No you won't throw up if you just take small hits.
  5. I have only thrown up once from smoking (a little bit), and the only reason is because I was very sick and smoking (i was high every day all the time... now that I look back on it all I see are hurtful memories... :\).

    Anyways, go smoke! You won't puke!
  6. My friends got some white widow and a 450 dollar bong with an ice machine or some shit and I want to so bad ive heard amazing stories but then really bad ones :\
  7. if you hit that shit fully.. like I mean fill up the chamber and fuckin take the whole chamber with ur hit.. u'll probably get FUCKED up and green out.. jus take nice easy hits and enjoy ur high.

    when ur more used to it u can start clearing the chamber properly.
  8. Dont worry,You'll be fine

    Eat before u smoke,my Other friends that have thrown up from Smoking,said The only reason why it happen was because they smoked on a empty stomach

    Eat something before u smoke.. just an opinion ^^

    Try not to take killer hits
  9. no, ive never did that cause of weed. i mean i almost once, but i was still able to control myself that much to stop that gag reflex.
  10. I posted a nice little comment for those idiots.

    I won't quote it cause I say a silly word =D

    Btw the first time I threw up from smoking weed was about 2-3 years or so after I first started.
  11. I've never thrown up from weed (knock on wood)

    Yeah, that guy's friends are assholes, but even if I was feeling sick I wouldn't have sat there and taken that shit for so long
  12. i once saw a guy throw up like half a piece of pizza after his first time, we were baked and just kinda stood in a circle commenting on it...good times. He puked after a huge coughing fit though, prolly wasnt actually the weed.
  13. I threw up once... My first hit ever was a full one liter gb of dank shit.
    But by the time i did i had already moved so far away from my friends that they didn't notice.

    I got lucky on that one.
  14. I threw up the very first time i smoked out of a bong. It was a 9 footer and i ripped the shit out of it and then was like "I dont feel so good..." blah!
  15. his friends are dicks and I don't know why you would ever throw up unless you try to clear an enormous bong
  16. na u wont throw up just don't drink before u do it, you'll get the spins and im sure u can guess what happens next
  17. Anyone else noticed that all the kids in the video had relativly the same shoes. either black with white stripes or white with black stripes
  18. Exactly what I was thinking.
  19. I seriously HATE that video, its annoying and those "friends" crowding around him are complete ASSHOLES. Anyway i have NEVER in my cannabis career thrown up from it. I almost never threw up ever after i started smoking because its my medicine.
  20. eat a small amount before you smoke then eat like a motherfucker after lol

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