Did You Know That If You're Poor You're life and Property Aren't Worth Saving...

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  1. These motherfuckers need some sense, and some compassion beat into them with a hose!! :mad:

    Be sure to read a few of the comments left after this article. There were dogs trapped inside that home, and those firefighters just let them die yelping for mercy. I gotta stop typing now and go check my blood pressure. Firefighters Let Home Burn; Owner Didn't Pay Fee
  2. Yup I have seen this article on 2 other sites now. The fighters came to put out the fire on the neighbors grass because he paid the fee, and just stood there while the other house burned.

    My question is why the fuck would they not include the firefighters fee in with taxes?
  3. Strange thing, i feel more compassion for animals than humans.
    It's like they're truly innocent or something...
  4. That sucks :(
  5. Reading that article made me so angry. I still get angry when I think about it. I cannot help but wonder if they would have continued to stand there and do nothing if there were people inside. Have we resigned to the notion that life really is cheap; not worth saving based on money? Am I to assume that hospitals can't turn people away for lack of money, but firefighters can? What's next? If I don't pay the cops they won't come if I call them? :mad:
  6. Free Marketâ„¢
  7. Please don't take this personally, but fuck that. The free market cannot be allowed to eradicate the sanctity of life. That's why hospitals can't turn away the sick for lack of money or insurance.

  8. That article pissed me off, i work in the EMS community, and what happened there was terrible, and heads need to fucking roll for it.
  9. My post was meant to poke fun at libertarians.
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    I don't understand why everyone is so upset?

    They didn't pay their fees, if they simply paid the $75 this problem could've been easily avoided.

    Money is everything in this world, if you think it's not you are extremely delusional.

    EDIT: Did anyone take a minute to consider this logically? People get so emotional over animals it's disgusting. Those firefighters could've lost their lives rescuing these animals, not to mention they could've faced various legal complications attempting to put out a house that wasn't covered. If one of the firefighters died saving an animal his family could've been fucked out of any financial complications simply because these people didn't pay up their firefighter fee.
  11. Sorry. There's no excuse anyone could give me that would change my mind. Those firefighters were wrong. They drove all the way out to that burning house to put out a small flame on the neighbors lawn, then stood there and watched the other house burn to the ground over $75. Those people are homeless now for $75. There are fee policies in place in lots of rural areas. We have one here. Some people can't pay it, but our firefighters still answer their calls. I hope all those firefighters are replaced, and the mayor who defended them gets booted out of office.

    End game. :mad:
  12. Christ, how many people are going to post this?
  13. You would have gotten your wish if they did put it out. They would have fired ever person from that dept and never would allow them to work at any other station
  14. Is it posted somewhere else on GC? I haven't seen it if it is. I posted this thread yesterday.
  15. Video forum, which it was originally in General. Someone posted it again in the Politics forum.

    Either way, people are looking too hard into this

  16. I don't think so. I think this incident needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb while we all sit back and try to re-evaluate how we, as human beings, got to this point. People, rich or poor, should not be forced to pay a fee to have their lives, and livelihoods saved. The last time I checked, firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and all other professions that fall into such humanitarian categories all assume a certain risk when dealing with saving lives.

    Look at it from this perspective for a moment. I'm a nurse. When I was working it was my duty to save lives. I worked for private institutions. What if I came into your mothers room and she was coding, and I rolled in there with the crash cart ready to save her, but I stop and ask you for 50 bucks first?
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    Look at it from this perspective. Im a firefighter.


    Well in training but I know how the system is set up. I can tell you that this was not at all the fault of the firefighters. They love doing this stuff. ITs an adrenaline rush. If you read, you saw that there were no lives at stake. If someone was trapped in there then there would be no question they would go in, but they wouldnt take any measures to save the property.

    People are thinking that the firefighters are the ones who were making a big deal about the $75 when they dont have anything to do with it. The fee was a city thing, not Fire. The dept gets their funding from the city. The firefighters report to their Chief, and he reports to the mayor. It was the mayor who made the call, and everyone else HAD to follow.The Fire Dept is a semi-military organization. The chain of command is as important there as it is in the Marines. Many firefighters ARE Marines.

    Maybe their lives, but not their property. As a nurse, you will stabilize a person whether or not they have the money for it. If they dont, you dont go past that. That is what is happening here. Everyone pays taxes to have these services. I dont know how they have it set up but its apparent its a separate fee

  18. what you suggest is called bullying. the government and all its agency's (including EMS/FIRE) are set in place to protect and serve the people not let their house burn down over 75 fucking dollars. sounds like the govt down there are acting more like the mob. that shit would not fly here in VA everyone involved would lose there job and there certification.
  19. It's simple. These folks did not live in the same district that the fire department was in. Hence, they didn't pay the taxes to receive the services. They were given the option be covered by the closest fire department for a fee, which is similar to what they would have paid in taxes to that district. They declined to pay the fee, so they did not get the protection they needed when they needed it. The fire department had no obligation to respond to the fire.
  20. I didn't know that you had to pay for firefighting services...

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