Did you get high the first time?

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  1. ''Ya know I've heard people say they never got high the first time they smoked up  .....NOT ME!...No not us! We were really, REALLY HIGH! Man we was tore up!!''
    lol but seriously I didn't get high the first time, the second time a little high, 3rd time little more, 4th time blitzed!
    What was your first time getting high like, tell the story if there is one, if you got high? thanks

  2. Yes sir. Very.
  3. My first few times smokin, I probably wasn't hitting right. But I remember the first time I got high of some bud. My bud was taking a break and gave me his piece and some weed. I had tryed getting high like five times before that and nothing, so I went behind my truck and blazed up. I chiefed down that whole bowl, I remember walking out of the woods onto my road feeling... Woah... Arms, what arms? I was playing basketball, dribbling the ball, I remember just watching my arms dribble the ball like they where detached from my body. I felt like a head just sorta floating there. I had an insane uplifting body buzz. I remember going inside and trying to do the dishes but I ended up just breaking a plate. At this point I was getting a little paranoid, so I decided to go and sleep it off... That wasn't happening ether this sativa had my mind racing. so I texted my buddy asking him when it was going to go away. I decided to go see woodstock with a friend, I crashed hours later at the movie theater eating popcorn.

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  4. My whole first time getting high was basically me asking my friend if my eyes were red and if I looked high lol.

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  5. First time? Kinda. Second time? As a kite. 
  6. im ashamed to say i didnt. i got a headchange, but i didnt get the high like i'd been hearing about.
  7. I didn't start to feel high until the end of my second joint. I was high as hell
  8. Yeah i didnt really get high probably because i had no idea how to inhale properly 
  9. It took like 20 minutes to kick in... But yes, i got very fucking high. Was probably the highest ive ever been, makes me want to get a vaporizor really bad lol

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.

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  11. I'm not ashamed to admit I didn't actually get high until the sixth time I smoked. That being said, I don't think I was inhaling right the first few times, coupled with the fact that I was smoking with usually a group of 5-6 people, so I didn't get to smoke a whole lot. The sixth time though, that was magic. I had had a few beers beforehand, and afterwards I tried to play a game of beer pong with one of the girls I had just smoked with. After a few horribly bad shots, we both ended up in a giggle fit on the floor. 

    I don't think I've ever laughed as hard in my life as I did that night.
  12. Yes. I don't see how people don't.

  13. The only thing I remember was standing up my first time high in a field 0.0. Oh man I would love to have that feeling again of bliss....and my mate looked at the ground and was convinced he was skydiving xD I am sure most people who claim they did not get high probably did not inhale properly as it was their first time.

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  14. Oh yeah super high, from the first hit. I had been smoking cigarettes for months beforehand though. Because it made me look cool, so I knew how to inhale, which I think is most peoples problems their first time around.

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    Yeah my first time smoking was through a silver surfer vaporizer that I purchased at lhs 30 minutes prior. Figured if I was going to try it..do it right. Definitely got high that night hahaSent from my Inspire 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    My first time smoking I was on a trampoline wit a friend from school. We got about halfway done wit the blunt wen her mom started screaming for everyone to come in the house. She claimed someone had stolen thousands of dollars out of a locked room (she was drunk af) n started asking my friend if we went in there. Of course nobody had. She didnt even kno how much was gon. She kept changing the amount n shit. So I'm sitting on the couch waiting for my ride to get there so I could get the fuck on. I dnt really remember feeling high but I was bein silly as hell so I must have got a bit of a buzz. Didnt touch any bud til about 2 years later. Been in love wit the herb ever since.Edit: Jus found out her mom passed today. Sad irony.Sent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. I didn't the first few times I smoked, it wasn't really until I smoked out of a bong that I got honestly high. I partially chalk that up to me not knowing to inhale the smoke though. I thought it was like cigars, and I wasn't suppose to inhale them haha. Oops. :)

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  18. So high I could kiss the sky.

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    Yep! And this is what I said, "Is this real life?"

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