did you find love or did it find you?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by skatealex2, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Neither yet. FML.
  2. well i did go looking for it..thought i had it...but no

    then it kinda found me...my ex bestfriend's home girl is who im /w and we kinda just ran into each other and been together in true love for 4 yrs...

    and she smokes the herb lol@
  3. :wave:
  4. We found each other. We both went to the same apartment one day to smoke. :D
  5. It found me... it was totally chance.

    I met my boyfriend at my old job, and I wasn't really supposed to have that job in the first place (my friend got the job because this kid that worked there liked her and convinced the manager to hire her, and after she got hired she rearranged the stack of applications so that mine was on top lol). If that kid didn't decide that he liked my friend when she came by to drop off her application, or if he had been in the bathroom when she came in or something, I would never have met my boyfriend.

    Isn't that crazy?
  6. A little of both. As soon as i saw her, she had me. But i had to go after her...Of course that was 2 years ago and now shes sort of a lesbian but thats besides the point lol
  7. For me it was almost completely by chance. We had a class together, but never really spoke beyond saying hi or waving. I thought she was hot, but I was kind of into someone else at the time.

    Then we both went to a dinner-lecture (not class related) and ended up getting seated next to each other by chance. We really hit it off, got coffee afterwards, and by the end of the night all I could think was "Why was I ever interested in anyone else?"

    4 years later, we're definitely still in love.
  8. It just kinda happened for both of us I guess. I was drunk with my roommates at a hookah bar one night and these two girls came up to us. We got their numbers and stuff and partied several times then we just started getting interested in each other the more we got to know each other.

    Neither of us really had any long term interest when we first met though, kinda funny.

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