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Did you ever find out your parent(s) smoked weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dex‌, Nov 22, 2014.

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    My Rents were(LOL, I keeled them :()) devout Catholics who are conformists.
    So no, Because they don;t.
  2. My mum didnt even know what weed smelled like and couldnt work out how me and her girlfriend knew the neighbours were smoking it.

    My dad got stoned in a pub one night and nearly put his car in the canal next to it.
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    My dad told me weed always made him paranoid and he'd feel like he'd do something really bad and hurt himself. Then he finished his bottle of Southern Comfort and hung out a 3rd story window to hang Christmas lights (Note: He had never done that before, and was never trained in any kind of roofing/high up work)
    I found out my mom was a burnout in high school, and she smoked a little bit before she started dating a trooper around July. Maybe now that they broke up (for good) me and her can go up to her camper and share a fat Mother-Son joint
    Sorry, I'm ramblin. Brand new Sativa :bongin:
  4. I knew my parents did it before I started and that was when I was 14. Never managed to get high with my dad before he passed, but have done so many a time with my mum and it is amazing. She goes all mad and tells stupid jokes and stories from when I was young and muches out and sleeps hahaha. Good times
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    I smoked with my parents when I was a teenager. Still do. Probably one of the cooler aspects about them.
  6. Yes my dad does, but purely for medical reasons. Pretty much every day before bed, he'll have a joint to help him sleep. Sometimes the smell creeps up from his den, where he does it. I know never to even suggest the idea of us smoking together though. He does not want me touching the stuff, nor does my mom.
  7. I turned my mother on to cannabis on my wedding day. Unfortunately, she preferred to use alcohol to excess, and it eventually led to her death. But I have some lovely memories of her and her best friend stoned on some good Oaxacan and rocking out to "The Vanilla Fudge". They were both being awfully silly!

    My dad never smoked with me. But when I lit one up (he was visiting us- my house, my rules), he politely declined when I offered to share. His only comment was that my weed smelled a lot better than the skunk-like pot my brother usually smoked! For a good old southern boy, dad was remarkably broad-minded.

  8. My dads words on weed were "I tried it once, it gave me a headache."
  9. My dad used to my mom never did. Sometimes if my dads hammered and you whip out a bowl or joint he'll take exactly one hit. Then he would proceed to trip out and fall asleep in the next 15 minutes. He smoked a lot of dope in his teens though.
  10. Lol now that you mention it, my dad shared a story with me about how he tried it one time and he had to walk somewhere and it seemed to take forever to get to his destination. He said time slowed way down for him.
    My mom said "Oh you kids can't be smokin what we used to smoke in the 30's" I used to answer "The 30's? Mom, thats when reefer madness came out." 
    I don't doubt very much that the shwag of the 30's was probably no more than 15% THC.
    In the 80's I smoked thai that was infused with an unmentionable. It was the strongest stuff i have ever smoked in my life. Equivalant to the 30%+THC range. There is no way that had weed like that in the 30's.
  11. shit where you think I picked up the habit, all I had to do was go in the room and lift up her mattress
  12. After my sister and I graduated high school my mom told us all of her stories. Like when the drinking age was 18 she would get drunk before school. Haha. She also told me she did unmentionable fungal psychedelics once. Although I've got her beat on that.
  13. sorry man but I wouldn't be able to live with the hypocrisy.
  14. No. How do u know they do?

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  15. My mother denied any use of it, but I ended up talking to my dad one day and he swore he made edibles for the two of them. 
    My dad didn't smoke it, only enjoyed it in the form of an edible. 
  16. My dad went to Amsterdam with his gf last month and had edibles, he said he felt nothing but I'm pretty sure he was just bullshiting. He's kind of a hypocrite as well as he lectures me about smoking -_-
  17. My dad used to smoke when he was young and once in a while he will ask me for like a bowl of weed. My mom sure smoked in the past but not anymore.

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  18. My 22 year old son used to use a lot. I never even tried it until I turned 50 a few months ago. He obviously knows s lot more about it than I do but I am uncomfortable - prob for no good reason - talking to him about it or asking for advice.

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  19. Loved smoking with my mom from when I was 17-24. She passed away last year so I'm happy we got to enjoy together for a few years. I smoke with my old man whenever we get together

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