Did you deserve your offences?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankDankMax, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I was falsely accused of sexually violating a girl my own age once in school when I was little and also "caught" with a knife I used for self defense when I was at danger.

    Also I think "caught" would imply that I took some means of avoiding the arrest which I didn't and being an athletic I would fuck those cops up assuming their fat asses would have by some miracle caught me.

    So GC, If you have any previous offences did you deserve them?
  2. Those statutory laws are bs for the most part, making kids sex offenders for doing something normal.

    And you must live in a liberal state where self defense doesn't exist

    Also I should have been charged with a lot, but my paraphernalia charge was bs. It was a makeshift pipe with a screen in it. Totally clean and never used.
  3. Bro come on, ur smarter then that. Don't go to school with a blade, you can get in mad trouble if a teacher catches you with them. And the girl is beeing a bitch, making false remarks like that.
  4. In 6th or 7th grade some girl gave me the middle finger and I asked "Is that the time your legs open?" lol, anyways, she reported it to the principal and I got my ass handed to me. Luckily the police weren't involved.

    I was arrested a few times, but none of the charges ever sticked. I guess I'm just lucky. ;)
  5. No everyones innocent you didnt know??
  6. I've only ever gotten possession and paraphernalia tickets. Deserved those

  7. I didn't take the blade with me to the school I'm not stupid, I did take it when I hangout though because my friend got me in to some nasty bs with some nasty people, I pleaded not guilty and claimed I found the knife 15 minutes prior to the police stopping me and was taking it home. My best friend and bitch ex stuck to the story ;)

    As with the girl she claimed that a total of 5 kids molested her and I was among them, we were playing ball on school property behind the school in place she didn't have a reason to come to and she always came to play with us with a friend certainly doesn't seem like something a victim would do. Even though I came clean because I didn't have anything to do with her some of my childhood friends had a really really shitty childhood because of that bitch.

    Like 6 years later she sees me and goes on about how she missed me etc just wanted to punch her in her stupid fucking face.
  8. lol you guys get in trouble for daily conversation

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