Did we see an omen?

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    Ok, so my friend and I are sitting here baked, and there's a plastic cup with just a little water in it. My dog runs by the table and knocks the cup on the ground spilling the water in a weird pattern.

    Here's what it looked like:


    Anyone know if this symbol means anything, IF anything? It's just weird how it spilled out just like that.

    EDIT: I guess I wouldn't want to strictly say "omen" either... interpret it as whatever.
  2. I think you should have gotten more than $15 worth of weed to see what other omens pop up!

    I honestly don't know if it means anything, but it does look cool. I don't buy into 'omens.' The universe is intricate enough with all of the patterns in nature that it is just mind boggling to comprehend the fact that it did show up that way. Doesn't mean it is supernatural or anything, though.
  3. omens do not exist


  4. /thread

    Hence the edit.
  5. I doubt it means anything, but I would keep that symbol. Start a company using it or something. Perhaps its meaning is for you to decide?

  6. Depends what the definition of omen is. Native American tribes that saw bird migrations out of sync of their usual migratory periods may interpret that as a bad omen since birds almost never deviate from their migratory schedule.

    Other tribes in Mexico look at the migrating patterns of monarch butterflies and may interpret a deviation of migratory pattern as a bad omen, especially since some species of butterflies follow the Earth's magnetic field which has a pole north and south.

    But of course we are talking about observational phenomena. A completely random puddle formation would be hard to actually count as an omen since it was completely random. So to the OP, I dunno man. Unless the surface tension of water which causes water to form different puddle shapes when it falls on the ground is changed somehow due to atmospheric disturbances, then maybe it is a bad omen lol.
  7. If you don't know what it means, how can it mean anything?
  8. What part is water and what part is the cup?

    The lines are water? The huge curly outstretched things are the cup's wings? ?
  9. looks like a bow and arrow / harp / seahorse. I dunno. Or a part of a ring that holds a gemstone. Or just another fractal-esque symmetrical pattern that is everywhere. Cool stuff either way
  10. Looks like ovaries and a uterus.

    Somebody you know is pregnant.

    Or you're going to get laid sometime soon. :smoke:

  11. hahaha just noticed that
  12. yeah that there is a gangly-ass uterus

  13. Hm. I wonder...

    I don't think I'm going to get laid anytime soon lol, but I have some girl friends that might be preggo. Ha! I'll have to check :smoking::smoking:
  14. I've seen omens before & it's possible.

    I don't always notice them but sometimes they're just put right in front of me for me to see.
    Like one time my friend & I were driving up a normal neighborhood street that we drive on all the time, only it was around 1 in the morning.

    Suddenly this big ass black dog ran across the street, but it didn't even look alive to me.
    I could see its ribs, as if it were starving.
    & when it ran across the road it didn't even look at the headlights of my car or anything.
    It had it's head down & if I recall it had it's tongue out haha it all happened in a couple seconds though

    Idk, it really freaked us out & we were scared that something bad was gonna happen that night but I can't remember if anything ever did.

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